University Mascot: Symbol of a School’s Pride and Identity

Every year there are activities wherein students from different schools gather in fields or stadiums, cheering for their beloved teams. A symbolic mascot makes one proud of his or her own school. It is the representation of one’s university and its appearance makes you even more proud of its achievements and historic battles with other schools. This loyalty and love for your university mascot can last a lifetime. One example is the Georgia State mascot, Pounce – a blue panther. It is a symbolic guide to the school’s history and vision. Like flags, students feel proud and cheer even more when they see their school’s mascot.

Its Role

University Mascot- Symbol of a School’s Pride and Identity - MacotPassionSome would see it as a simple entertainer and its main role is to make the crowd cheer louder during an event. However, they have a more in depth role that is why every university should have a good mascot. The selection should be very meticulous because it represents the name and pride of the school. It brings out the spirit makes the students and fans get up and cheer during its entrance. Some university mascots do not end their roles during school activities. Some are required make appearances at other events outside the school like community or state events and rallies.

Process of selection

It is not enough that mascots are entertaining and humorous. We thought that they just have to wear some weird costume and they are good to go. The notion is wrong because they have their own training and should pass some specific qualifications. The most important qualification of a mascot is to be fit and sporty. In fact, their training, like the school athletes, should pass some rigorous training and tryout process. Every university has its own process of selection, but the most common is having an interview of all applicants then tryouts and lastly, the training.


It is not easy to choose one who will wear the mascot costume and props because the role does not end in simple cheering. During the interview, he should possess school pride and spirit. He has to have the right attitude. He has to be confident and a personality that makes the University proud. Second, he has to know how to dance with and without props and costume. This will show if he has the right energy and humor. Some even show their acting skills. They should also have the right physical built that will fit into the costume. The mascot has to be energetic too. During the training, some conditioning drills are taught so he will be able to maintain his vitality and drive.

We just thought that mascots simply wear their costumes, dance and make the crowd cheer aloud. Actually, it is more than that. They wear the school spirit. They symbolize the pride of the school. Being a mascot is a very strenuous work that is why they deserved to be honored too.

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