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University of Minnesota is a public research learning institution and the largest and oldest campus within the Minnesota university systems. U of M is the 6th largest main campus and student body in the country. It has a total of 51,853 students, with 19 schools and colleges. The university’s sister campuses are in Rochester, Morris, Duluth and Crookston.

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Goldy Gopher

Mascot Founded1952
Mascot ColorMaroon and Gold
Mascot MeaningThe Gopher mascot is a tradition as old as the state. Minnesota was tabbed the "Gopher State" in 1857 after a satirizing cartoon, depicting nine Gophers with the heads of local politicians pulling a locomotive.

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The original campus was overlooking the St. Anthony Falls right on the Mississippi River. It was later moved downstream to its present location. The university’s original site is now a small park which intersects the Central Avenues and the university.

U of M was closed during the Civil War. With considerable financial backing from John Pillsbury, this learning institution was reopened in 1867. Upgrading from the original preparatory school to college was done in 1869.

At present, U of M was divided into the East and West banks by the Mississippi River. The university campus has several buildings on both banks. The main portion of the university is found on the east bank which measures 307 acres. On the other hand, the Law School, Carlson School of Management, Humphrey Public Affairs School, performing arts center and various social sciences buildings are all housed in the west bank.

Academic Programs

University of Minnesota offers 150 degree programs for the graduate students and 143 undergraduate degrees. This university incorporated the 3 branches of ROTC in their curriculum.

University of Minnesota Mascot, Goldy Gopher

Goldy Gopher is University of Minnesota’s team mascot. The Gopher is already a tradition in this university, even as old as Minnesota State itself. This state was always referred to as the “Gopher.” It started in 1857 when a satirizing cartoon came out, depicting 9 gophers with local politicians’ heads pulling a locomotive. The cartoon was published over a legislative action for the $5 million railroad plan in Western Minnesota.

The word “golden” has been introduced later. During the late 1930s, the mascots wore gold for their pants and jerseys. Legendary radio announcer Halsey Hall was the one who coined the “golden gophers”, referring to the team’s gold attire that shined on the field.

University Colors, Maroon and Gold

When the university was preparing for its spring graduation in 1880, various graduation colors were utilized during the ceremony. University President Folwell started the tradition of enforcing a common school color for the school. Folwell asked August Smith, an English instructor to choose proper colors for graduation ribbons as well as other university occasions.

Mrs. Smith chose gold and maroon, which made a remarkable impression on both the faculty and the students. Without any type of formal action and with years of use, gold and maroon became the university’s official school colors.

Housing and University Life

Incoming freshmen are guaranteed to have a place to stay in this university. University housing was created to provide a healthy and safe living environment for the students. All doors that lead to the apartments and residence hall rooms are locked round the clock and access to these areas would require an activated U Card. The key card is issued to every student upon checking in.

The employees that handle housing provide security, as well. Every university housing building is guarded by Security Monitoring personnel. There are video cameras in various public areas within the apartments and halls. Community advisors are also on call during weekdays and round the clock during weekends.

Students are safe as UMPD is also offering escort services for those who need to do some research on campus during night hours and evening. UMPD will arrange for someone to meet you at a particular campus location and have you escorted to your destination.

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