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University of Washington is a public research university situated in Seattle, USA. Founded in 1861, this learning institution is considered one of the oldest in the West Coast. It features a highly regarded medical school and provides quality of education which is comparable to an Ivy League.

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UW has 3 campuses: the largest primary university in the Seattle District and two in Bothell and Tacoma. University of Washington occupies more than 500 buildings, with approximately 20 million gross square feet of space. This area included the UW Plaza, conference center and university tower.

This university’s research budget has already passed the $1.0 billion milestone in 2006. The funds came from several peer-reviewed research proposals. Studies show that UW’s research budget constantly ranks among the top five in both private and public universities in the country.

UW is the largest beneficiary of federal research funds among public universities. It’s the second in the list of all private and public universities. This position was held by UW each year ever since 1974.


Students in this university include 4 Gates Cambridge scholars, 7 Marshall scholars, 35 Rhodes scholars and 136 Fulbright scholars. In terms of population, UW is the largest in the west coast with 42,428 students. Approximately 33 percent of UW’s undergraduates belong to minority groups.

Faculty and staff in this university were recruited from around the world. Academic programs include Advancements in Science, Arts and Sciences, Medicine and Engineering. In 2010, UW’s 6 Nobel laureates were honored by Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden. They were Linda Buck, Leland Hartwell, Edmond Fischer, Edwin Krebs, Donnall Thomas and Hans George Dehmelt.

Husky, Official University of Washington Mascot

Before 1920, UW had the Indians and Vikings as its unofficial mascots. However, neither names seemed appropriate so many local publications simply refer to the athletic teams as “purple and gold.” In 1920, university students held general elections where they voted “Sunny Sundodger” as an official mascot.

This name was immediately adopted by the alumni publication. The Sundodger is a smiling figure holding an umbrella. But an issue surfaced when people took Sunny as a negative reference to the place’s rainy weather. After mounting pressure from businesses and local newspapers, the university finally considered finding a suitable representative in 1922.

The ASUW formed a committee to name a new mascot since many argued that Sundodger had no meaning and could not be reflective of the area’s climatic condition. Husky was chosen by the committee and was introduced as their new mascot in 1922. Husky was favored since it’s easy to cartoon and fits the name of an athletic team. It’s also short and convenient to use in a newspaper headline.

The committee was of the opinion that Husky captured the genuine spirit of the Northwest since Seattle was known as “Gateway to the Alaska frontier.” University of Washington uses the Alaskan Malamute, a husky breed due to its strong and large features.

Purple and Gold

Purple and gold were chosen in 1892 when students voted during an assembly. A patriotic group wanted red, white and blue, contending that the university was named after George Washington. On the other hand, the other faction argued that the country’s national colors shouldn’t be degraded for everyday use.

Finally, the debate was ended by Miss Frazier, an English instructor read an excerpt from the “Destruction of Sennacherib” by Lord Byron where the colors purple and gold were mentioned.

Student Housing

New buildings and renovations were introduced for student housing. This included 2 apartment complexes and 3 six-story residence halls in the western section of the campus. Other housing facilities are Terry and Lander Halls. On-campus housing for undergraduate students are also provided.

UW offers free services to staff, faculty and students who are living off-campus. Online search engine and other resources are provided to local housing in order to help first time renters.

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