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Duke University is a learning institution initially established in1838 by Methodists and Quakers in the town know today as Trinity. The present incarnation of the private university is found at Durham, North Carolina and owes its existence largely due to the generosity of two Methodists, Julian S. Carr and Washington Duke. Carr donated the land where the original campus stands, now known as the East Campus, while it was the generosity of Duke that led to the endowment and construction of the university. In 1924, Washington Duke’s son, James Buchanan Duke, established the Duke Endowment, a $40 million trust fund that was distributed to various medical, non-profit, religious and academic institutions, including then Trinity College. The generosity of the Duke family prompted then president of Trinity College, William Preston Few to rename the university. Since then the university has expanded to over 8,600 acres on three adjoining campuses in Durham along with a marine laboratory located in Beaufort, North Carolina. Today, Duke University stands as the 7th wealthiest private university in America with total cash and investments amounting to $11.4 billion in the fiscal year of 2014.

Below are the latest Duke University  mascot info:

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The Blue Devil

Mascot Founded1953-1954
Mascot ColorDuke Blue
Mascot MeaningThe Blue Devils, the Duke mascot, is the rallying figure behind the successes of the university’s athletes.

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Recognition and Awards

Duke is eighth among universities throughout the nation in terms of research spending, having allocated a total of $993 million in 2013. Additionally, Duke is constantly ranked among the top universities in nearly every domestic and international league table. In 2014, the Thomson Reuters Corporation named 32 of Duke’s research professors in its list of Highly Cited Researchers making the university 4th overall by primary affiliation. In terms of academic success, Duke is ranked 5th among universities in the United States that have produced, Udall, Truman, Goldwater, Rhodes and Marshall Scholars. Scientific achievements of Duke’s affiliates also include 3 Turing Awards, 8 Nobel Prize laureates and 25 Churchill Scholars.

Athletics and Mascot

In athletics, Duke is most renowned for having won five NCAA Men’s Division I basketball championships, the most recent won in 2015. The Blue Devils, the Duke mascot, is the rallying figure behind the successes of the university’s athletes. Clad in the self-named, “Duke Blue” colors, university athletes have been participating in the NCAA Division I level, primarily competing in the Atlantic Coast Conference for all sports since the 1953-1954 season.

Overall the Duke mascot leads cheers in 26 sports events, the most notable of which are the men’s basketball team which has won five NCAA titles, the women’s golf team which has won six, the men’s lacrosse team which has three and the men’s soccer team and women’s tennis with each having won one national title.

College Life

College life in Duke is what one would expect from a top-tier American university United States: convenient, safe and diversified. The university hosts on-campus dormitories found in the East Campus, the location of the original campus. Duke dorms include Alspaugh, Jarvis, Pegram, Aycock, Basset, Giles, Blackwell, Randolph, Wilson, Bell Tower, Epworth, Southgate, Basset and Gilber-Addoms. There are Duke Dorms which are gender exclusive, one of them being the women’s residential dorm, the Mary Duke building named after Washington Duke’s daughter.

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