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Purdue University was established due to the generosity of Lafayette businessman John Purdue. John donated both land and money to put up a college of agriculture, science and technology in his name.

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Purdue Pete and Boilermaker Special

Mascot Founded1940
Mascot ColorBlack and Old Gold
Mascot MeaningIt's a nod to the school's well-established reputation as a world leader in engineering teaching and research, although it began as kind of a joke.

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Academic Programs

Purdue University came a long way since it first held classes on September 16, 1874. Purdue’s West Lafayette campus now offers over 200 majors undergraduates, professional degrees in veterinary medicine and pharmacy plus over 70 doctoral and master’s degrees.

With over 900 student organizations and 18 intercollegiate sports teams, statistics show that Purdue enrolls one of the largest student bodies in Indiana and the entire US. This university is offering both graduate and undergraduate programs in more than 211 major areas.

Aside from its competitive engineering curricula, Purdue has been highly influential in the history of aviation. This school established the very first flight training, first university airport and first bachelor’s degree in aviation.

To date, Purdue’s aeronautical engineering programs and aviation technology programs remained one of the most competitive in terms of aviation-specific courses in the world. It was in the middle part of the 20th century that Purdue expanded its aviation program to include advanced spaceflight technology.

Purdue Pete and the Spirit Squad

Purdue Mascot, Pete is the current mascot in the university. Purdue’s first official mascot is the Boilermaker Special. The mascot is a Victorian eralocomotive that made its debut in 1940.

Since then, the students, faculty and alumni raised money to replace their mascot when it’s already worn out. In 1993, Boilermaker Special V was introduced during a Purdue Notre Dame game. This served as the university mascot until Pete came along.

Red Sammons and Doc Epple, owners of the Purdue University Bookstore, decided to use an advertising icon for their business. But they made it look like the Boilermaker mascot.

Purdue Pete appeared in many games since 1956. This mascot was seen wearing a basketball or football uniform and portrayed by a selected member of the spirit squad. The head costume was originally made of papier-mache and chicken wire. Later, fiberglass was used for better durability.

Purdue Pete attended all football and home basketball games. This mascot was also present during tournaments like the NCAA and Big Ten Bowl Games. Pete appeared at baseball, soccer and softball home games.

University Colors

Purdue University takes pride in its gold and black colors. These colors appear on every university material. Gold is often used for athletic communications, merchandising, retail and promotional items.

Color remains to be an essential part of Purdue’s identity. This is the reason why the core colors shouldn’t be modified or screened into different tints.

Purdue accepts secondary colors which is an expanded selection from the core color palette. Accent colors help in communicating content that has a deeper level of information.

Interactive Living On-Campus

Various housing options are available on and off campus. Residence halls for students are within walking distance of the academic campus. Students may use the local public bus service. CityBus provides free ride.

Although freshmen aren’t required to reside on-campus, most actually do. Cooperative housing is also available near or on campus. This is the best place where students share their interests while living together.

Those who live in coop houses contribute two to four hours of household duties on a weekly basis. This type of setup makes campus living an affordable option.

Sororities and Fraternities

Over 30 sororities and 50 fraternities are on campus. Nearly 20 percent of the total Purdue student population belongs to Greek organizations. You can easily find a group where you truly belong in this campus.

Campus life is totally fun and exciting. And there’s so much to learn. There’s never a dull moment when you’re at Purdue.

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