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University of Michigan is a place where deep traditions are valued while focusing on creating a brighter future for students. It’s a vibrant and diverse community which makes it the perfect home for future leaders and successful individuals.

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Mascot Founded1861
Mascot ColorBlue & Maize
Mascot MeaningThe simplest reason for the wolverine nickname would be that the animal was abundant in Michigan for some time.

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Comprehensive Degree and Graduate Programs

The university’s academic vigor brings excellence across several disciplines as well as around the world. Due to the outstanding performance of UM’s 19 colleges and schools, it was recognized as one of the leaders in higher education.

To date, UM’s internationally recognized departments and faculty cater to 250 degree programs. UM is known as one of the leading research universities in the country. The university’s comprehensive graduate programs include doctoral degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, social sciences and humanities.

Professional degrees offered consist of dentistry, social work, nursing, pharmacy, law, medicine and business. Besides academic life, the university has a strong athletic team which competes in the NCAA.

University of Michigan’s Wolverine Costumes

University Of Michigan Mascot wasn’t established for some reasons. The university doesn’t have a live mascot since the athletic department steadfastly maintained that this kind of symbol is undignified and unnecessary. In addition, it will not effectively reflect the values and spirit of the Michigan athletes.

Individuals and groups previously proposed mascots in various wolverine costumes. However, the department refused to sanction them and continued to use wolverine as a symbol. The students and alumni started calling themselves “Wolverines” way back in 1861 when this type of animal was abundant in the area.

University Colors

Two colors represent UM’s core of existence, blue and maize. These colors pay an important role in terms of establishing a powerful and clear image of the school as well as in defining UM’s brand.

The signature color palette creates a powerful differentiator in terms of branding. Appropriately using this palette consistently creates an extra layer of distinction. UM’s signature colors can be extensively used as accent colors.

Supporting Colors

The supporting colors were selected to complement the primary colors of blue and maize. Introduction of these colors provides additional range to UM’s brand. 

The landmarks and buildings on the campus were the inspiration for the secondary color palette. These colors work well as an accent or subtle background behind graphics or topography. Also, darker shades may be utilized behind typography with lighter shades.

Tints or screens of these supporting colors can be used to obtain the desired impact. However, this should be done cautiously since screening certain shades may bring about undesirable pastels.

Michigan Dorm and College Life

Over 10,000 undergraduate students are living on-campus. Residents came from over 65 foreign countries as well as all over the country. Even though there’s no requirement for a student to live on-campus, residential communities are still known as the best place to meet other students and experience campus life. Over 97 percent of the total first-year student population prefers to live in University dorms.

UM’s apartments and residence halls are more than just a place for studying or resting, they function as a smaller and more accessible community within the university. These residences help new students hurdle the change from high school to university life.

For students who live on-campus, they feel that their new home provides a great sense of belonging. Residents even go back to campus housing due to the amenities, friendships developed and conveniences.

UM’s facilities include 1,480 apartments and 18 residence halls which can accommodate graduates, undergraduates as well as students with families. More than 2,000 part-time students and 600 regular staff enjoy wide range of services, programs and facilities that support the requirements of the residential community.

The university has a mission to sustain and create a diverse and learning-centered residential community that furthers the objectives of the learning institution. Through partnership, UM provides quality facilities, services and programs for the students.

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