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University of Iowa is a space-grant and public land-grant research educational facility that was formerly known as a college that caters to mechanic arts and agriculture. Founded in 1858, this coeducational university was able to increase its academic offerings.

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Mascot Box

Herky the Hawk

Mascot Founded1948
Mascot ColorCardinal & Gold
Mascot MeaningBird

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University Programs

University of Iowa currently offers graduate programs, over 100 bachelor’s degrees, 112 master’s degree programs, 83 programs for Ph.D. level and a professional degree in Veterinary Medicine. Iowa State offers an IEOP program for foreign students. Those who need to improve their English communication skills can enroll in this program.

Improving one’s English proficiency is required in order to be successful in this university. IEOP likewise helps students in preparing for their English proficiency examination such as IELTS and TOEFL. IEOP classes include reading, writing, grammar, oral communication as well as business and bridge courses.

Cy the Cardinal Mascot

During a homecoming pep rally in 1954, a cardinal-like bird became the center of attraction and a contest was also conducted to choose the mascot’s name. Mrs Ed Ohlsen was the first to submit the name “Cy.”

The committee that chose Cy settled on gold and cardinal as the mascot’s color. Collegiate Manufacturing was tasked to design the first cardinal’s costume. Cy has since become an enduring symbol of the university. The mascot was seen in various homecoming and sports games.

Through the years, Cy had several redesigns, makeovers and life changes. There were reports that the mascot was literally “plucked to death” while migrating to Missouri in 1961. The mascot was replaced after one year.

Another accident happened to Cy in 1972. On its way to attend the Liberty Bowl, the car carrying the costume had an accident. Cy was mangled, bent, splattered with battery acid and covered with oil. Luckily, Cy was able to reach Memphis where an establishment tirelessly worked for the needed repairs. Cy was able to make it to the game.

During the early 80s, the miniature University of Iowa Mascot “Baby Cy” appeared but was later discontinued. “Clone” made its debut at the Hilton Coliseum in 1989 and in 1995 Cy and Cyclone were merged. Everybody adores Cy. This mascot not only attends state games, he’s also seen during parades, weddings, private parties and community events.

There something about this mascot that brings people together no matter what their background they came from, rich or poor and young or old. People tend to be drawn closer to Cy and what he represents.

University Colors

The primary markings of this university are cardinal and gold color schemes. This has been the schools colors since 1899. Over time, several shades of gold and cardinal appeared on the team uniforms.

Top Class University Housing

The university operates 19 residence halls on-campus, one of which is Friley Hall, one of the largest in the country. Students may choose to live in Richardson Court, Towers Residence, Knapp and Storms Halls, Wallace and Wilson or Buchanan Hall.

Four apartment complexes are available for upperclassmen, namely, Maricopa, Legacy Tower, SUV apartments and Frederiksen Court.

Memorial Union

There are more than 800 student organizations that represent various interests. These organizations are supported by the State’s Student Activities Center. The offices of these groups are located at the Memorial Union. This building was designed in memory of the students who were lost during World War 1.

Symbolically, Memorial Union symbolizes the idealism that no country should be sending its young men to battle without a solid foundation in education and religion. Additions and renovations to the building were continued, including bowling lanes, elevators, bookstore, parking ramp, additional wing and food court.

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