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The University of Florida (UF or UFL) was established in 1906 as an American public land-grant, sea-grant, and space-grant research university located on a 2,000-acre campus in North Central Florida near Gainesville. This means Florida granted UF triple privileges with which to establish its own campus to become an institution of higher education. While the various state legislatures voted cash to fund private institutions, public universities for underprivileged populations like the African-Americans and Indians, the UL’s were designed to uplift standards of education and alter curricular offerings from agricultural and liberal arts to better-rounded programs.

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Mascot Box

Albert and Alberta Gator

Mascot Founded1970
Mascot ColorBlue & Orange
Mascot MeaningThe University of Florida’s intercollegiate sports teams, commonly known by their “Florida Gators” nickname, compete in National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I.

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The University of Florida is one of sixty-two elected member institutions of the Association of American Universities (AAU), the association of preeminent North American research universities, and the only AAU member university located in Florida.

UF was classified as a Research University with Very High Research by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Following the creation of performance standards by the Florida state legislature in 2013, the Florida Board of Governors designated the University of Florida as one of the two “preeminent universities” among the twelve universities of the State University System of Florida.

UF’s is the third largest Florida university by student population and is the eighth largest single-campus university in the United States with 49,913 students enrolled for the fall 2013 semester. The University of Florida subsumes sixteen academic colleges and more than 150 research centers and institutes. It offers multiple graduate professional programs—including business administration, engineering, law, dentistry, medicine, and veterinary medicine—on a single campus, and administers 123 master’s degree programs and seventy-six doctoral degree programs in eighty-seven schools and departments. Subject to inquiries, enrolled students may also avail of distance learning.

In a 2001 book, “The public ivies: America’s flagship public universities”, the Greenes recognized Florida as a “Public Ivy”, a public university considered as providing a quality of education comparable to those of the Ivy League institutions. As of 2015, U.S. News & World Report ranked Florida as the fourteenth best public university in the United States.

The Gators in Navy Blue and Orange

The full names of the University of Florida mascots are the whimsically-named Albert and Alberta Gator. Though blue and orange are the official color, the alligator head is depicted in green.

The University of Florida’s intercollegiate sports teams, commonly known by their “Florida Gators” nickname, compete in National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I. In their 108-year history, the varsity teams boast thirty-five national team championships (thirty from the NCAA) and 275 individual national championships.

The Dorms and College Life

The University of Florida dorms are spread over the large campus. Approximately 7,500 students live in single-student residence halls and over 9,200 students avail of housing in residence halls and complexes on the eastern and western sides of campus. Nearly 1,700 students and their families also live on campus in 980 apartments arranged in Village Communities.

The main complexes, the East and West Campus Residence Halls, were constructed over a century from 1905 (Buckman and Thomas Halls)to 2002 when Hume Hall was sponsored by the Honors Program for incoming freshmen. All in all, there are now 24 residence halls available for undergraduates.

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