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Georgetown University began in 1789 and lays claim to leadership among academic and research universities as the oldest Catholic and Jesuit institution of higher education in the nation. The institution educates “men for others”, preparing students for leadership and making a difference in the world.

The Jesuit order that founded Washington DC’s only exclusively-male law and liberal arts school had to cope with religious intolerance, a papal ban, turbulent politics and three civil wars since colonial times. The landing of the Society of Jesus in Maryland in 1634 antedated the English Civil War of 1646. Because the Royalists lost, Catholics and Jesuits alike were persecuted. The priests had to conduct their classes in clandestine fashion until the American Revolution, when more tolerant attitudes led to establishing a lasting enclave of Catholic education in the United States.

Below are the latest Georgetown University mascot info:

Mascot Box

Jack the Bulldog

Mascot Founded1962
Mascot ColorBlue & Gray
Mascot MeaningThe college yell is “Hoya Saxa”, roughly translated from Classical times as “such rocks!” or “great rocks!”. “Hoya, Hoya, Saxa!” also appears in the school fight song, “There Goes Old Georgetown.”

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The proximity of Georgetown University to the capital meant that an ambassador to Europe like Benjamin Franklin could recommend to Pope Pius VI to make John Carroll, S.J. the head of the Catholic Church in the new nation, America’s first Catholic bishop and first head of GU even though the order was still under a papal ban. At the same time, that location on a bluff above the Potomac and the Law School itself on Capitol Hill ensured both a pricey Georgetown and constant interplay between graduates and the capital’s politicians. Among the well-known alumni are Bill Clinton, the CIA’s George Tenet, Bradley Cooper, Judge Antonin Scalia, Robert Gates and Alexander Haig, as well as Crown Prince Abdullah II of Jordan and Felipe VI of Spain, dozens of U.S. governors and members of Congress, and diplomats. Student life is also enriched by immersion in the many monuments and museums of the capital.

The tide had turned and the presence of Jesuit teachers and administrators convinced Congress to issue Georgetown the first federal university charter in 1815, which allowed it to confer degrees.


The university has about 7,000 undergraduate and over 10,000 post-graduate students from a wide variety of religious, ethnic, and geographic backgrounds, including 130 foreign countries. Georgetown comprises 9 undergraduate and graduate schools. The course offerings count liberal arts, sciences, international relations, law, medicine, business administration, post-doctoral positions and public policy. Taking the Law School as an example, Socratic dialog remains the teaching approach of choice.

Georgetown College – liberal arts and sciences, humanities, languages and the social sciences.

McDonough School of Business – undergraduate, MBA and executive education with a focus on leadership and a global perspective.

Walsh School of Foreign Service — undergraduate and graduate programs in international affairs, regional and comparative studies and security studies.

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences – Master’s and Ph.D. programs in liberal arts, interdisciplinary programs, public policy, business, biomedical and basic science fields.

Law Center – constitutional, international, tax and clinical law with a strong tradition of public service. Within walking distance of Congress, the Supreme Court and the U.S. Department of Justice.

School of Medicine

School of Nursing & Health Studies – health and health care fields, including health systems administration, health care management and policy, human science, international health and nursing.

School of Continuing Studies

McCourt School of Public Policy – A recent addition, covers quantitative and analytic skills needed to design, implement and evaluate smart policies, conduct policy research and recommend effective solutions on today’s most critical topics.

Mascot and School Colors

Aside from the popular bulldog that is the Georgetown mascot, the colors of the athletic teams are blue and gray in tribute to the Federal and Confederate Armies of the Civil War. The GU Hoyas have won a record-tying seven NCAA Division I Big East championships, appeared in five Final Fours, and won a national championship in 1984.The college yell is “Hoya Saxa”, roughly translated from Classical times as “such rocks!” or “great rocks!”. “Hoya, Hoya, Saxa!” also appears in the school fight song, “There Goes Old Georgetown.”

The Hoyas compete in 23 varsity sports, about evenly divided between men’s and women’s teams.

Dorms and College Life

Campus organizations include the country’s largest student-run business and largest student-run financial institution in any campus around the country.

Georgetown dorms consists of 13 residence halls at the main campus and one devoted to the law center. In addition, Georgetown operates many townhouses in the Georgetown neighborhood, usually for upperclassmen.

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