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Penn State University is a public and state-related research facility that was founded in 1855. It has a threefold mission of research, teaching and public service.

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Nittany Lion

Mascot Founded1904
Mascot ColorWhite and Dark Blue
Mascot MeaningThe Nittany Lion as Penn State’s mascot originated with Harrison D. "Joe" Mason ’07. At a baseball game against Princeton in 1904, Mason and other members of Penn State’s team were shown a statue of Princeton's famous Bengal tiger as an indication of the merciless treatment they could expect to encounter on the field. Since Penn State lacked a mascot, Mason replied with an instant fabrication of the Nittany Lion, "fiercest beast of them all," who could overcome even the tiger. Penn State went on to defeat Princeton that day. Over the next few years, Mason's "Nittany Lion" won such widespread support among students, alumni, and fans that there was never any official vote on its adoption.

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Degree Programs

Penn State’s instructional mission consists of undergraduate, graduate, professional level and continuing education. These programs are offered by means of resident instruction or online delivery.

More than 160 majors are being offered by its campuses with $2.03 billion in endowments and other funds. Penn State was top 9 among the list of US universities in terms of research income.

Graduate major programs were designed to prepare students in assuming various positions of responsible and informed authority as well as to creatively contribute to their chosen fields. These programs promote specializations and breadth of scholarship.

The capability to think and study independently and improving awareness of principal techniques as well as important literature in your field will be greatly enhanced. The research undertaken should deal with various problems which produces significant contribution to one’s knowledge.

In some cases, one department could offer work two or more degree programs. Occasionally, two or more college departments or across colleges pool their resources in offering interdisciplinary programs.

Advanced Degrees

Advanced degrees and intercollege graduate degree programs are also available at Penn State. More than a dozen are being offered at the doctoral level. Advanced degrees include:

  • Doctor of musical arts
  • Doctor of education
  • Doctor of philosophy

All advanced degrees require productive scholarship and high attainment. Master of Science and Master of Arts degrees that place emphasis on research and basic knowledge are also available.

Penn State’ Nittany Lion Mascot

Penn State Mascot Nittany Lion mascot was first introduced during a baseball team in 1904. Some Penn State team members were talking about Princeton’s famous Bengal tiger which symbolizes the merciless treatment that they would encounter on the field.

Penn State had no mascot so Joe Mason replied with the fabrication of the fiercest beast, “Nittany Lion.” Lions can overcome even the tiger.  By adding the word “Nittany,” Mason gave the mascot a unique symbol which no other university or college could claim.

Mount Nittany is a local landmark and it was said that mountain lions roam the area where the university was currently built. During sports events on campus, the song “Hail to the Lion” is being played.

Penn State brought home the trophy that day as Princeton faced its defeat. Over the years, the Nittany Lion won widespread support among baseball fans, alumni, students and fans. However, there was no official vote on the mascot’s adoption.

Penn State Colors

White and dark royal blue represents PSU’s colors. Light blue is also used as accent color while gray and black serves as supportive shades. Penn State athletes are immediately identified by their white and blue uniforms.

Penn State Dorms, Your Home Away from Home

Nothing compares to a university that lets its students learn and enjoy quality living. Penn State dorm is the best place where you could make yourself at home.

Residence life at this university includes where you sleep, where you eat and who to hang out with. The idea behind this great change in a student’s environment is to turn a campus into your community.

Housing Alternatives

On-campus housing consists of apartment complexes and dormitory-style residence halls. Living on campus is not a guarantee that you’ll be getting higher grades. However, studies show that first year students who lived on campus excelled better in their studies.

Students can easily go to the library and make use of other school facilities while living on campus. Sharing of significant information between the faculty and the students becomes easier and faster when both reside at the Penn State dorm.  

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