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The University of Maryland is a public research university that was founded in 1856. It is the largest university in the state of Maryland, and as of 2015 has a total enrolment of over 37,000 students. It is considered a public ivy, in that it offers a high quality of education at the prize of a public university education. Students at the UMD have a wide variety of courses to pick from, with the university offering over 120 undergraduate majors, and over 100 graduate programs.

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Mascot Founded1932
Mascot ColorRed, White, Black & Gold
Mascot MeaningTestudo is the latin word for tortoise. The University of Maryland mascot has over time become a symbol of luck for students, and during examination times is even given offerings.

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The University of Maryland mascot is a diamondback terrapin named Testudo, and was chosen in 1932 by Curley Byrd the then football and basketball coach. Testudo is the latin word for tortoise. The University of Maryland mascot has over time become a symbol of luck for students, and during examination times is even given offerings.

The colors of the University of Maryland are red, white, black and gold. They are inspired by the Maryland state flag, and represent the shield on George Calvert’s coat of arms. He was the original colonial owner of Maryland, and the yellow and black are drawn from his paternal side, with the red and white coming from his maternal side.

Home Away From Home

The University of Maryland dorms are located in two campuses, the north campus and the south campus. These two are further broken down into seven residential communities. There is no family housing available on the campuses.

At the start of the semester, on-campus housing priority is given to freshmen who have met admission deadlines. The next priority for the University of Maryland dorms are the returning students. For those who cannot find on-campus housing, rentals are available around the campus, and the university website even offers an off-campus housing database for those need some help.

The UMD Life

A student at the University of Maryland not only has an array of academic courses to choose from, but also the opportunity to live in their unique “living and Learning” system. This places a student in a residential community with people who have similar academic interests, and even allows them to take specialized courses. This gives a student the chance to excel at their field by sharing ideas with like-minded people.

UMD also offers over 20 men’s and women’s varsity sports to its students, and is part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I. Their sports offerings include basketball, baseball, football and even tennis. Teams in any of the sports are referred to as terrapins, and wear the school colors.

The university has over 600 registered clubs, including the ROTC. Students can also be part of the vibrant Greek life with several sororities and fraternities existing on campus.

For transport to and from UMD, students, faculty and staff can use the free shuttle service. The Prince George County TheBus is also free to students of UMD. The university is also close to three airports, making flights back and from home less of a hassle.

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