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Yale is an Ivy League research university in New Haven, Connecticut. Established in 1701, it is the third oldest higher education institution in the US. The University has more than 12,000 students and is considered one of the most respectable academic centers in the world.

Below are the latest Yale University  mascot info:

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Handsome Dan

Mascot Founded1889
Mascot ColorBlue
Mascot MeaningHandsome Dan is the first live mascot in the US, and since the mascot was accepted in 1889, 17 dogs have assumed the position.

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The Yale School Programs

Yale is arranged in 12 constituent schools, including the undergraduate college, ten professional schools as well as the Graduate School for Arts and Sciences. Each of these school supervises its own degree programs and curriculum. Apart from the New Haven central campus, the University also has facilities along Western New Haven as well as several nature preserves in New England.

Yale also has an endowment of $23.9 billion, the second biggest in the world, and all Yale undergraduates go through a liberal arts curriculum, and the majors are arranged into residential colleges. Each of the faculties offers undergraduate courses, with more than 2,000 available each year. In addition, the Yale library houses more than 15 million books.

Handsome Dan and the Color Blue

The official Yale mascot is Handsome Dan, a bulldog who appears during Yale teams’ sporting events. Apart from the person wearing the bulldog mascot costume, there is also a real bulldog that is bestowed the title, which is transferred to another one when the dog retires or dies. Handsome Dan is the first live mascot in the US, and since the mascot was accepted in 1889, 17 dogs have assumed the position.

While Handsome Dan is the official Yale mascot, blue is the official color, and the color has been its identifier since the early 1800s. As far back as 1843, the Yale rowing teams had the word Yale inscribed on a blue pennant with the words in white, and by 1894 the University voted to adopt blue as the official color, opting for a darker shade so it is not confuse with that of Oxford.

The Yale Way of Life

Yale dorms are called residential colleges, and they are among the most distinguishable features in the University. All student rooms are provided the basic amenities such as a twin bed, chair, desk, dresser, blanket, pillow and a mattress. Students however, have to bring their own sheets as well as a fan, towels and lamps.

Yale dorms are not air conditioned, and students are not allowed to bring one (only fans allowed). Apart from these amenities, there are other household items that may be purchased at the official Yale bookstore. There is a wireless network that gives students access to the Internet, and there are computer and printer clusters available at the libraries and dorms. Students that take up residence here also have to follow the Yale Summer Session Student Handbook regulations and guidelines.

Meals are served three times a day at the dining hall, with the meal service commencing with dinner at check in and ending with lunch at the final day of class. Students that have particular dietary requirements should specify this so arrangements can be made with the Dining Service.

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