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Everything is big in Texas, and the state’s University of Houston (UH) has more than 41,000 students and its campus spans 667 acres in southeast Houston. Carnegie Foundation classifies UH as a research university with very high research activity. The university has 300 degree programs held in 12 academic colleges on campus that also included programs leading to professional degrees in law, optometry, and pharmacy. Their greatest work; however, is on research as nearly $130 million is spend annually in research, and for the operation of more than 40 research centers and institutes on campus. UH has a strong impact on Texas economy, while generating about 24,000 jobs.

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Shasta the Cougar

Mascot Founded1946
Mascot ColorWhite, Silver, and Red
Mascot MeaningShasta, UH's cougar mascot, has been a symbol of the University since 1947, when a mountain lion was purchased from Mexico by members of the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity. The fraternity held a “Name the Mascot” competition, and student Joe Randol won with the entry “Shasta.” “Shasta (she has to).

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Shasta, University of Houston mascot

The University of Houston athletics team adopted Shasta as their mascot of Houston Cougars. The name “Shasta” has dual reference: (1) to a human mascot and (2) to a cougar mascot. From 1947 –to 1989 a series of live cougars were utilized as mascots: Shasta 1 – V. Shasta V who served from 1980–1989 was the last female cougar of the original continuous line to serve as a live mascot for the University of Houston. After a kidney failure, she was put to sleep. Since that time, men in cougar costumed served as mascots. In 2012 – present, Shasta VI was announced as the first live mascot at the university but in partnership with the Houston Zoo. Since 1981, Shasta I – V were female although cougar mascots were supposed to be male. Shasta VI is the first male live UH cougar mascot

Colors of UH

Following traditions UH has colors red, silver, and white while adding in some shades of teal and gold to give the brand warmer feel. Red is still the main color. Only human mascots wore traditional red costumes of UH. From Shasta I – V, University of Houston mascot wore only a bit of red placed here and there on safe places.  It was impossible to dress up a live cougar in full costume.

Dorm living style

Quality education is not the only good thing provided by the University of Houston, it boosts of its excellent facilities making living in the campus as ideal way of forging lasting friendships, searching new ideas, and experiencing new activities. Since 1950, living in the campus offers residential and housing facilities. Rooms in UH dorms are limited basis for the opening of 1st and 2nd semesters and must be reserved well in advance. More rooms are available for the May and June sessions. Meal plans served in dorm’s cafeterias are part of the total accommodation packages; however, graduate students living in housing units are exempted.

Diversity is best description of student’s life on campus

The University is well-known for its students coming from different corners of the world. In fact, U.S. News & World Report ranked UH as the second-most diverse research university in the United States. As one student described campus life, it has something for everyone. You can get involved in Greek life, joining as volunteering or training for leadership. Campus organization ranged from Bangladesh Student Association to the Finance Association. You can cheer on the Cougars, or join them. You can widen your horizons by attending stimulating lectures, premier concerts, masterful theatrical productions and varied campus events. The Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services encourage students get involved on campus to better develop leadership skills, character, and discipline. You can whet your appetite for sports by attending every football, basketball and baseball game. You have the opportunity work out at UH’s new recreation center.

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