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In 1900, Andrew Carnegie founded the Carnegie Technical School which later became Carnegie Institute of Technology; but when it merged with Mellon Institute of Industrial Research in 1967, Carnegie Mellon University was born. Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) or Carnegie Mellon is a private university specializing in research located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The University maintains seven colleges and independent schools: (1) the College of Engineering; (2) College of Fine Arts; (3) Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences; (4) Mellon College of Science; (5) Tepper School of Business; (6) H. John Heinz III College; and (7)the School of Computer Science. In the ‘70s and ‘80s, the school underwent a period of unparalleled growth and development. Today, researchers are entering new fields like robotics and software engineering that gave the institution a reputation for innovation and practical problem solving.

Below are the latest Carnegie Mellon University mascot info:

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Scotty the Scottie Dog

Mascot Founded2007
Mascot ColorCarnegie Red, Black, Steel Gray, and Iron Gray
Mascot MeaningThe school’s founder, Andrew Carnegie was born in Dunfermline, Scotland in 1835. The mascot is in remembrance of the Scottish heritage.

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Scotty is Carnegie Mellon mascot

Almost a century after the door of Carnegie Mellon University was opened; their official mascot was finally presented to the public. For the past 50 years, students have been dressing a Scottish terrier; they called Scotty to serve as mascot when the situation demands. But it was only in 2007 that Carnegie Mellon officially named the Scottish terrier as the university’s first mascot. Following tradition, the entire school body voted Scotty as the new official mascot Scotty. However, voters did not choose the costume of the mascot but it was a living animal. The new Carnegie Mellon mascot is a Scottish terrier known as Scotty aka Maggie that was a donation by TV celebrity Bill Cosby. This weekend, she will make her debut and invigorate the people from Carnegie Mellon during a homecoming football game at the Crillon in Pittsburgh.

The colors of Carnegie Mellon

The triumvirate colors of cardinal, a shade of gray, and Tartan plaid are adopted by the University as the official colors. The goal of this identity system by the University will be to utilize these colors is to create a widely recognized positive image. The principles to achieve this purpose are over time: consistency; frequency; repetition over time. The colors symbolized the University and must be used as over as possible over and over again.

A home away from home

Conventional housing for students is provided by Carnegie Mellon through single-gender, coeducational, and special interest options. Students have a wide variety of choice from a standard, prime, or suite-style rooms to a one or two bedroom apartments, and even an entire house. There are twenty residential buildings on campus and five off campus in the Oakland opened for students to stay.

Many incoming freshmen are advised to stay in dedicated freshman residence halls scattered all over the campus including: (1) Morewood E-Tower; (2) Residence on Fifth; (3) the Boss: (4) Donner; (5) Hamerschlag; (6) McGill; (7) Mudge; (8) Scobell, and (9) Stever houses. Upperclassmen that choose to live in university housing may do so in the remaining 25 residence halls and houses.

A student’s life in Carnegie Mellon

Life in the campus is often grand that adults looked back and considered their school life the best time. Students in the University are involved in varied activities in the campus. They have the option to choose from over 225 student organizations, visit art galleries, and try out for various unique traditions.  Student organizations provide areas for them to participate in many well-rounded activities that offer academic, spiritual, recreational, sport, religious, political, cultural, and governance opportunities.

The university remains loyal to its Scottish motif Irish ancestry in choosing Scotty, as  Carnegie Mellon mascot; the student newspaper called Tartan student newspaper, the Skibo Gymnasium, Yearbook named Thistle and the Céilidh celebration every weekend during the homecoming for fall semester.

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