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Michigan State University, founded in 1855, was the very first land-grant institution. It’s a public research university pioneering the studies of telecommunications, supply chain management, plant biology, hospitality business and packaging.

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Sparty the Spartan

Mascot Founded1955
Mascot ColorWhite and Green
Mascot MeaningThe mascot is depicted as a muscular Spartan warrior/athlete dressed in a Greek costume.

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Graduate Programs

The following MSU graduate programs were also included in the nation’s list of top 10:

  • Industrial and organizational psychology
  • African history
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Osteopathic medicine

Graduate programs in elementary and secondary education as well as nuclear physics are the best in the entire country. After the Morrill Act, MSU became co-educational, expanding its curriculum even beyond agriculture.

University Support Services

In terms of enrolment, MSU is considered as the 7th largest university in the country. It has more than 5,100 faculty members and over 50,085 students. Various supportive services from different departments on campus are also available such as the following:

  • Writing center – provides assistance with drafting, editing and revising papers
  • Math learning center – provides assistance regarding various concepts such as the 200-level and 300-level math course
  • Learning resource center – provides tutoring and advising services, including study-related workshops and seminars.

MSU’s Sparty Mascot Rocks the Court

MSU’s Sparty rocks the court during different sports games. Sparty is commonly depicted as a Spartan male athlete or warrior with bulging muscles and dressed in a stylish Greek costume.

MSU’s team name, “Aggies” was changed to “Spartans” in 1925. Since then, different incarnations of the Spartan warrior appeared at university events as well as in the university literature.

Michigan State Mascot Sparty appeared in several other incarnations such as printed literature. MSU is using a copyrighted cartoon version of the Spartan. The image was usually drawn with grimace.

Finally, Sparty appeared with an oversized head as the foam rubber mascot. The mascot costume has been seen in many university sporting, fundraising and alumni events. Sparty was also portrayed in various MSU materials and notices.

MSU Colors

Green and white are the university’s primary colors. In addition, MSU’s brand includes secondary color palette spectrums that were designed to attract different primary audiences.

Each palette contains various accent colors which can be used sparingly so as to call out particular information. Every spectrum was devised to capture specific tones or moods.

Supportive and Safe Community for Students

MSU has a large on-campus housing system with various amenities, housing options and newly renovated facilities. This university has a place for its students. In fact, all freshmen were encouraged to live on campus.

Even returning students like to live in on-campus apartments and residence halls. Administrators of the school recommend living on campus for two years. Research shows that those who live on- campus get better grades since they’re more involved in different campus activities.

With more interaction or communication with the faculty, students could feel more attached to the campus community. These students are likely to get a degree on time.

Residence housing and education services work to foster a supportive and safe community for all MSU residents. There are 27 undergraduate apartment communities and residence halls that were divided into 5 unique neighborhoods. This place provides a home to over 15,000 students each year.

Finest Residential Experience

MSU’s neighborhood concept combines the finest residential experience with critical student support services. Student support services have been revolutionized to cater to the needs of the students. Many students participate in learning-living programs which created a community of peers in their residence hall.  

The award-winning culinary services at MSU provide culinary excellence. One of the most convenient ways to live on campus is to avail of the university’s dining plans. The plans work well with flexible features such as Combo-X-Change. This will let you avail of the culinary services at different retail locations aside from the usual residential dining hall.

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