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Northeastern University is a private, research institution of higher learning that was established in 1898. The Carnegie categorized NU as a university with high research activity. Various programs are being offered such as graduate and undergraduate degrees leading to doctorate.

Below are the latest Northeaster University mascot info:

Mascot Box

Paws, King Husky

Mascot Founded1927
Mascot ColorBlack and Red
Mascot MeaningNortheastern adopted the nickname Huskies in 1927 and the first Husky appeared on campus on March 4 of that year. He had come to Boston’s North Station by train from Alaska and was greeted by more than 1,000 students and the University band.

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Northeastern features a unique cooperative education program, integrating classroom studies with professional expertise on 7 continents. In 2011, NU opened the George Kostas Research Institute. NU likewise excels in sports. The NU Huskies competed in the NCAA Division in 18 varsity games.

NU women’s and men’s hockey teams competed in Hockey East, while the rowing teams joined the EARC and EAWRC. It was in 2013 when NU’s men’s basketball team bagged its very first CAA regular season championship. Another first came when the men’s soccer team garnered the CAA title. On the other hand, women’s ice hockey team won the 16th Beanpot championship.

Undergraduate majors at NU are available in 65 departments with over 125 programs in the graduate level. Academics in this institution was founded on classroom integration studies coupled with experiential learning opportunities, student research, cooperative education, global experience and service learning.

NU’s cooperative education program received an A+ rating for quality classes, academic environment and top-notch professors.

Northeastern University Mascot and Colors

In 1926, NU adopted the name “Huskies” and the Husky dog mascot was proudly displayed in front of 165,000 alumni. The school colors, black and red were also worn by Husky during his appearance. Colors are important aspects of NU identity. The first Husky came to the Boston North Station from Alaska. He was greeted by over 1,000 students as well as the band.

In honor of Husky, classes for that afternoon were cancelled as people saw King Husky paraded with his police escort. The first Husky ruled the Huntington Avenue for 14 years. His successors have also appeared in many athletic events. The memory of King Husky was kept alive by NU students whenever they use Mr. and Mrs. Husky apparels.

The costumes actually represent the energetic working student. It also symbolizes all the undergraduates of Northeastern University. The campus good luck tradition involves rubbing the Husky statue’s nose. It’s believed that one who does that will surely watch his fortunes rise.

Home Away from Home at NU

Living right in the center of Boston is one of the most exciting parts of the Northeastern experience. It’s good to know that NU’s on-campus housing choices allow the students to enjoy this experience. In this university, you’ll be able to connect with other students who share the same interests. Fostering friendships that last for a lifetime is also one of the main goals of campus housing.

NU fuels the learner’s intellectual growth. But all incoming freshmen should submit their applications during the designated date. Even transfer students who want to live on campus are welcome. There’s something for every student at NU.

Freshmen have over 20 living learning communities to choose from and all are located at the heart of NU’s residential living. In addition, living learning communities are providing opportunities for people to connect with others they share an interest with.

Fraternities and Sororities

Groups abound at this university. Fraternities and sororities are totally dedicated to lifetime bond of brotherhood or sisterhood under the management of inter-fraternity, Panhellenic councils, National Pan-Hellenic and Multicultural Greek. These groups create the right community where both men and women could grow as individuals and at the same time experience healthy and safe philanthropic, social and academic endeavors.

In the same way, individual chapters opt to offer opportunities for community service through using leadership skills plus high academic standards. Fraternities and sororities provide a diverse and unique opportunity for the students who want to experience something that will improve their college career.

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