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University of Arizona is a public research institution founded in 1885. It was the first in the state. The university’s mission is to provide quality education to its students and enrich people’s lives.

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Wilbur and Wilma Wildcat

Mascot Founded1915
Mascot ColorCardinal Red & Navy Blue
Mascot MeaningThe Wildcats got their name after a hard-fought football game against the Occidental College Tigers on November 7, 1914. A Los Angeles Times columnist wrote that the Arizona team "Showed the fight of Wildcats."

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Academic Programs

This school offers 334 study programs that lead to professional, doctoral, master’s and bachelor’s degrees. Grades are given using the 4-points scale although discussions were made toward using the plus-minus system.

Improving the student’s knowledge is done through research, education, community and business partnerships plus creative expression. UA’s Wildcats athletic team joined the NCAA Pacific 12 Conference. University athletes won national titles in various sports, including softball, baseball and men’s basketball.

Wilma and Wilbur Wildcat

University of Arizona has a pair of mascots named Wilma and Wilbur Wildcat. The identities of these mascots were always kept in secret until 1986 when Wilbur married Wilma, his longtime wildcat girlfriend.

University Of Arizona Mascots Wilbur and Wilma appeared with the cheerleading squad in different sporting events. The university’s first mascot was Rufus Arizona, a real desert bobcat, who was introduced in 1915. This mascot was named after the university’s president, Rufus von Kleinsmid.

University Colors

Navy blue and cardinal red are the university’s colors and these shades are used by the cheerleading squad.

University Fight Song

In 1952, an applicant for the university’s bank directorship, Jack Lee left Tucson by air after his interview with the UA administration. Lee read the letters “Bear Down” embossed on the roof of the gymnasium.

Inspired by these words, Lee was able to scribble the lyrics and music to create an up-tempo song. All these were done during Lee’s flight. In 1952, the university band first performed the Lee’s song, “Bear Down, Arizona.”

Quality, Convenient and Healthy Living On-Campus

Over 300 graduate and 6,600 undergraduate students reside at the UA campus. There are 23 undergraduate residence halls as well as one professional and graduate student apartment complex. UA residences are your home away from home and are located across the campus.

No matter where you decide to stay, you’re close to campus resources such as the recreation center where workouts take place, the student union where you can grab a bite and academic buildings where classes are taken.

Living on-campus is certainly best for students who want to be part of the community and make life-long friends. It’s time to increase your chances for academic success. Freshmen are encouraged to avail of the right campus housing.

Students who live on campus consistently outperformed others in terms of academic measures. Studies show that GPAs for freshmen are higher by 10 percent and the retention rate for freshman to sophomore is higher by 8 percent. In addition, 4-year graduation rate is also higher by 50 percent for those who reside on-campus.

UA’s residence halls for undergraduate students come in various locations, sizes and shapes. Choosing where you should live can be challenging. Some students claim that some halls are far better compared to others.

Daily living in residence halls is generally influenced by room types, size, location as well as the students who’ll end up living therein. The age of the building has very little to do with quality living since all the halls have been upgraded.

UA offers one of the best college dining services. The variety, convenience, quality and healthy food remain unsurpassed. Over 35 different eateries are conveniently situated within the campus. These eateries are ready to meet the students’ dining needs.

Brands, national franchises, cafeteria dining and more can be found here, in addition to various specialty restaurants with value added meal plans. The university certainly know how to provide the most basic and important things for its students.

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