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Indiana University boasts of its deep, broad and interdisciplinary academic programs which are considered one of the best in the state. The programs are also flexible and can be combined into the student’s ideal study plan.

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Mascot Founded1979
Mascot ColorCrimson and Cream
Mascot MeaningA Hoosier is a prod member of the IU family. The mascot is not an animal, a bird, or mythical creature, it is a feeling of family.

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IU, a public, multi-campus university, has over 110,000 students, including 31,000 at the IU – Purdue and 46,000 enrolled at IU Bloomington.

University Symbol

IU uses the studded mace as a symbol. It’s a club-like weapon which was made of iron. During academic ceremonies, this symbol is often used as an emblem of authority and order. The mace has a staff which is 30 inches long with a polished ebony encircled with gold-plated collars, four brass and entwined by gold, swirled bands.

Degree and Certificate Programs

There are over 550 stand-alone academic degree and certificate programs. IU likewise offers area certificated which must be earned together with a degree. Graduate degree programs range from finance to fine arts.

IU’s graduate school was recognized in developing best practices and new concepts in graduate education. This made IU Bloomington a premier university where you could earn a graduate degree.

Various departments were assisted in retaining, supporting and recruiting outstanding scholars. IU provides ample support in all academic endeavors as it creates a learning environment where students can soar.

University Mascots

Indiana University Mascot Ox, a bulldog, served as mascot for IU’s football team from 1959 to 1965. During the late 1960s, IU used a bison as its mascot. Hoosier Pride mascot was introduced in 1979 but it didn’t go well with fans. Later, it was quickly abandoned.

Crimson and Cream Represents the IU Spirit

The Hoosiers are the intercollegiate players and sports team of Indiana University and they’re using the IU official colors which are crimson and cream. IU’s official crimson is Pantone 201, but during the games in 1970, football coach Lee Corso and basketball coach Bob Knight started using uniforms in scarlet or bright red color.

During the early 2000s, athletics director Michael McNeely made a decision reverting to cream and crimson, IU’s official colors. Over the years, the changes in colors brought about some clashes but IU is a big and diverse place. Red and crimson-cream can both survive in one place.

Major IU colleges that claim crimson as a dominant color include: Washington State, Oklahoma, Harvard and Alabama. Only Oklahoma paired crimson with cream.

Live your Dream at IU

There are 11 residence halls in IU which were clustered into 3 neighborhoods. These residence halls have a distinct blend of amenities, resources and dining options with academic support services.

Every residence hall provides resident assistants, wireless access, high speed Ethernet connections and furniture. IU’s on-campus complexes were designed for graduate students, seniors, juniors, sophomores as well as students with children and families.

IU’s extensive dining services offer something delicious for everyone – carb counters, meat lovers, vegetarians and even those who are observing religious traditions. Daily living on-campus is great since you’ll be able to enjoy food on various locations such as kiosks, convenience stores, coffee shops, cafes, food courts and cafeteria.

Learning Community at Its Best

Different learning communities situated throughout the IU residence halls help students start their learning process on the right foot. Unique experiences, recreational and social programs as well as the chance to mingle with other students who possess the same interest can be enjoyed.

There are many affordable housing options outside the campus such as rental properties, condos, houses, apartment complexes and single rooms. These alternatives are excellent for graduate students, seniors, juniors and sophomores.

Traditional residence hall alternatives with handy food courts, communal living spaces and shared rooms are also available. Those who need some space mostly settle for an apartment while private rooms fit the needs of introverts. In all these areas co-op kitchen facilities were provided.

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