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Harvard University is the oldest educational institution in the US. Since it was established in 1636, it has become one of the wealthiest, most influential and prestigious universities in the world. The University is currently organized in 12 distinct academic units and with campuses scattered around Boston.

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John Harvard, the Pilgrim

Mascot Founded1875
Mascot ColorCrimson
Mascot MeaningBenjamin W. Crowninshield and Charles W. Eliot gave crimson scarves to their teammates so the people watching could tell the Harvard team apart from the others during the 1858 regatta.

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An Overview of Harvard’s School Programs

The University has schools that offer degrees along with the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. These include Harvard Business School, Division of Continuing Education, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard College, the Divinity School, the Harvard Medical School and more. Their most popular majors are General Psychology, Mathematics, History, Biological Sciences and Social Sciences. The student-faculty rate is 7:1, and 75% of the classes having less than 20 students. The freshman retention rate, which indicates student satisfaction with the program, is 97%.

The main campus is 209 acres (85 ha) and is located at the Harvard Yard Cambridge about 3 miles northwest of Boston. By the Charles River are the athletics facilities and business schools, and the business school is also in the area.

Harvard’s Official Color and Mascot

The official Harvard mascot is John Harvard, named after a Puritan minister who arrived in the United States in the 1637 and died the following year after providing the University with an endowment. The Harvard mascot is unique because its name is the same as the university, which is why in some cases the color crimson is used in its stead.

Crimson was designated the official color back in 1910 following a vote by the Harvard Corporation. As to why crimson was chosen, the story goes that two rowers, Benjamin W. Crowninshield of Class 1858 and Charles W. Eliot of Class 1853, gave crimson scarves to their teammates so the people watching could tell the Harvard team apart from the others during the 1858 regatta. Eliot would go on to become the 21st president of Harvard, and when he stepped down, crimson was voted as the official color.

A Peek at the Harvard College Life

Freshmen students live in the Yards, four residential neighborhoods, and apart from the Harvard dorms there are also 18th century buildings as well as modern accommodations at Canaday Hall. Regardless which dorm the student stays in, all the libraries, mail and classrooms are just a five minute walk away.

Academic and residential advisers known as proctors live in the dormitories and assigned to build the entryway community. A typical entryway has 20 to 40 students that share a common floor or area in the building. Some of these dormitories have doubles, a shared bath and a large room. Generally, housing assignment notification is done at the first week of August or the last week of July.

Most Harvard dorms have two to four bedrooms plus a common room, and each one usually houses 4 to 6 students. Some dorms have their own bathrooms though in most cases it is shared with a suite. In Harvard, students are assigned to suites rather than rooms, and students have to share a bedroom with another student at some point.

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