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Ohio State University was originally referred to as Ohio Agricultural-Mechanical College. It’s a public research, land-grant university that was founded in 1870.

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Mascot Box

Brutus Buckeye

Mascot Founded1965
Mascot ColorGray and Scarlet
Mascot MeaningAccording to folklore, the Buckeye resembles the eye of a deer and carrying one brings good luck.

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OSU’s goal then was to train student in different mechanical and agricultural disciplines. Later, OSU was developed and turned into the third largest universities in the country. Aside from its main campus, OSU operates regional campuses in Wooster, Newark, Marion, Mansfield and Lima.

Academic and Extracurricular Programs

Ohio State is home to extensive student life programs with more than 1,000 student organizations, clubs, intercollegiate, recreational sports and student media organization. Aside from sororities, fraternities and publications, students could also join 3 active student governments in this university.

OSU offers competitive athletic programs. Its football team competed during the first division of NCAA. This team is called the Ohio State Buckeyes. The men’s ice hockey team competed during the big ten conference while the women team joined the western collegiate hockey tournament.

Former students and alumni of this university have gone on to different prominent careers in business, science, government, entertainment, sports, education and medicine.

Ohio State University Brutus Buckeye Mascot

Ohio State University Mascot, Brutus Buckeye is an athletics mascot who made his debut way back in 1965. This mascot is a student that’s dressed in buckeye colors. Its headpiece resembles a nut.

Since its debut, periodic upgrades have been done to design the mascot’s wardrobe. Being a member of the Ohio State spirit squad, Brutus travels to different events around the university. It’s often seen making appearances around Columbus.

Students Sally Huber and Ray Bourhis convinced the council that a mascot is needed. In 1965, mascots were animals brought into the arena or stadium. Some people suggested that Ohio State use a buck deer but it was later rejected since it’s not easy to capture one.

OSU Color

Ohio State is known by their color, a perfect combination of scarlet and gray. Color plays an important role in people’s lives as it triggers emotions and attracts attention. Color can likewise influence behaviors and decisions.

Consistent use of colors supports one’s visual cohesion in terms of communicating with others and leverages the university’s brand. Scarlet and gray are Ohio State’s signature colors. Scarlet is bold and powerful. This is why its existence is required on all university communications. However, prominence of scarlet isn’t always advisable.

The Buckeye nation recognized gray and scarlet as Ohio State’s signature colors. The university understands that it’s a diverse institution, speaking to a varied and vast audience on a daily basis. Thus, a secondary palette has been chosen for compatibility and versatility with several iconic hues.

Ohio State Campus Residence Halls

There are 38 on-campus residence halls in the university. These halls were divided into 3 geographic clusters: the south, north and west campus. South halls include OSU’s original dormitories. Within the residence halls are 40 smaller learning and living environments that are defined by academic or social considerations.

OSU is also offering 3 honor residence halls: Taylor Tower, Lincoln House and Bradley Hall. Separate housing for professional and graduate students is also maintained. At the northern edge, you can find a family housing community for students with families and children.

The RHAC or Residence Hall Advisory Council represents all students living at the OSU residential halls. This organization helps in evaluating and improving the living conditions for students.

Over 30 departments have been tasked to take care of the following services for students: health and wellness, student housing, dining and counseling. Services supporting the health of the students include the Wilce Health Center. With 2 on-campus dining locations, pool, 10 racquetball courts and 12 wood courts, students will surely enjoy their stay.

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