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If you are looking for a diverse research university that’s rooted in camaraderie and rich traditions, then Texas A&M should be your top choice. It has a top-class research facility and world-class teaching force that cater to the needs of the students.

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Mascot Founded1931
Mascot ColorMaroon & White
Mascot MeaningBlack & White Dog

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University Programs at Its Best

At Texas A&M, the students, staff and the faculty all collaborate to continuously develop new skills and understanding through creativity and research. It’s truly an exceptional school that offers the right program and degrees. Doctoral and certificate programs are also being offered.

Graduate certificate programs represent expertise within a particular field. It could also be interdisciplinary and involving several fields. Different certificate programs exist in various schools or colleges.

Distance Education

Certificate programs and graduate-level degrees are accessible even beyond the usual traditional or campus setup. Online, remote classrooms and videoconferences were made available as part of distance education. This type of certificates and degrees comply with the requirements of the higher education coordinating board.

Reveille Mascot Represents the True Texas A&M Spirit

Reveille is the university’s official mascot. A mixed-breed dog named Reveille was first adopted by the students in 1931. During the second World War, the cadets were able to raise $100 to make the pet a general for the K-9 Corps. Reveille was regarded as the highest-ranking officer of the university’s corps of cadets.

The second official mascot, Reveille II was a Shetland Sheepdog while the third is a purebred Rough Collie. Subsequent mascots belonged to this particular breed. Currently, Reveille IX assumes the role during the final review of the corps of cadets.

Texas A&M Mascot Reveille is a female. In fact, all Reveille mascots were females. When they perish, a special cemetery situated outside the northern end of Kyle field serves as their resting place. The Reveille’s bodies were laid facing the southern end zone as well as the scoreboard.

University’s Official Colors

Texas A&M is known for its maroon and white colors. These colors coincide with the university’s alma mater “spirit of Aggieland.” Aside from consistently using a logo, another unifying visual factor is the use of colors. The university’s color palette was formed so as to complement Aggie Maroon, the school’s signature color.

First Class Campus Living

It is the university’s vision to offer its students a top-class on-campus living as well as the best learning experience. The school’s mission is to offer an educational, welcoming and sustainable community. For many students living on campus, this is the pinnacle of the Aggie experience.

Texas A&M cultivates an environment where the learners:

  • Concentrate on their academic objectives
  • Feel supported and respected
  • Challenge, engage and grow together
  • Create lifelong friendships and memorable, positive experiences

Quality Environment for Students

  • Quality, safe and sustainable physical environment
  • State of the art facilities with well-maintained historic value
  • Responsive and reliable services
  • Conveniently situated and cost-effective housing alternatives

Even though the rooms are small, there are many conveniences when it comes to living on campus. Dorm types include suites, singles, same-sex and coed. The range of prices differs depending on the dorm style that you choose.

It is recommended that you live on campus during your fist year. This way, you can easily adapt to university life and become at ease with your new school. Most students live in dorms and were happy with their decision.

Most dorms have study rooms, free washers and kitchen. When choosing a place, you’ll have to decide whether to stay at the northside or the southside. It’s a lot cheaper to stay at the northside and you’ll be staying with a close-knit group that’s anti-corps and anti-frat.

On the other hand, the southside is known to be a home for the commons and the corps. It houses lots of sorority girls.

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