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President George Washington left part of his estate for the creation of a national institution of higher learning. George Washington University is the largest higher education institution in Columbia. It’s a coeducational private research university with two campuses, Virginia Science and Technology as well as Mount Vernon.

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Mascot Founded1926
Mascot ColorBluff and Blue
Mascot MeaningThe Colonials mascot and colors were chosen to pay homage to George Washington.

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University Programs

George Washington University awards graduate and undergraduate degrees in several disciplines. The Schools of Nursing, Applied Science, Engineering, Public Health, International Affairs, Business, Arts and Technology offer graduate and undergraduate degrees. Students who wish to enroll in this university have a lot to choose from.

Specialized schools within colleges are also present. This is recommended for students who wish to further their career in the field of arts, design, public affairs and media. GWU consistently ranks as one of the most politically active schools in the country. Graduates from this university handled high positions in the US and foreign governments.

The long list of notable alumni includes Edgar Hoover, Jacqueline Kennedy, Colin Powell and Harry Reid.

Academic Programs

George Washington University offers a wide range of academic programs, with over 2,000 undergraduate courses, from systems engineering and anthropology. GWU has a broad library collection with cutting-edge technology resources. The school likewise employs dedicated faculty members who focus on academic excellence.

Exploring Undergraduate Programs

It’s time to explore George Washington University’s academic programs that will help you in identifying subjects of interest. Choosing what to specialize in is a very significant part of one’s college experience.

The truth is there’s no single acceptable way to select a field of interest. Consider the high school activities and courses you found most useful or compelling. You should also think about interesting summer activities and subjects you could have learned in high school.

GWU wants its students to remain open to opportunities. Various programs and degrees are being offered and students will benefit from by learning more about new subjects. Some students may not have a particular major at first, but won’t be an issue. Your interest will eventually develop as you follow your academic pursuits.

George Mascot Waves His Powerful Golden Hatchet

GWU’s George Mascot usually wears the buff plus a blue military uniform with the words “George Washington” at the back. With a powdered wig beneath its large, tri-cornered hat as well as a blue sash across his chest, this mascot rocks the court with his powerful golden hatchet.

The George Washington University Mascot is usually seen in various athletic events, rallying the university’s spirit – the GWU unity and pride.

Big George, the Sidekick

Big George is 10 feet in height and is known as GWU’s biggest sports fan. This mascot is George’s sidekick. Big George is present in many home basketball games for men and women. He’s also cheering for the team during university events held in places with a ceiling of at least twelve feet high.

Blue and Buff Represents the GWU Spirit

The university’s sports teams proudly wear the blue and buff colors which represent the George Washington Spirit. The first colors that were adopted by this Columbian university were orange and blue. Later, it decided to use blue and buff since these are the colors of George Mascot’s military uniform.

Blue and buff have since been incorporated into the university’s visual identity. In fact, these colors are also found throughout the campus.

George Washington Residence Hall

Students have several choices as to where they should stay after enrolling in this university. Residence Halls vary depending upon the hall amenities, room costs, location of the building and the roommates who fit your lifestyle. Residents apply through the iHousing, an individualized housing assignments program.

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