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With its large Newark main campus and satellite campuses found in Georgetown, Lewes, Wilmington and Dover, University of Delaware has been dubbed as the largest university in the state. This private university teaches over 3,500 graduate students and 16,000 undergraduates.

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Mascot Founded1743
Mascot ColorBlue & Gold
Mascot MeaningState Bird

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University of Delaware is receiving public funds because it is a sea-grant, space-grant, land-grant, urban-grant and state-supported research institution. This school has very high research activities and excellent academic programs in fields of biochemistry, chemistry, chemical and biomolecular engineering, history, agriculture, public administration, hospitality management and business.

Study Abroad Program

UD is one of four universities in North America that offers an Art Conservation major. This university was the very first American school to start the study abroad program for its students. Although it was founded in 1743, its being a chartered institution of higher learning wasn’t granted until 1833.

University of Delaware’s first ten students included James Smith, Thomas McKean and George Read. These individuals were signatories to the Declaration of American Independence.

Academic Programs

This major US research university has more than 50 research centers that provide students with richer opportunities for laboratory, discovery-based learning. Its academic programs focus on subjects that demand immediate attention. The courses are handled by distinguished faculty members.

Among UD’s faculty members are internationally popular artists, scientist and authors. This included Guggenheim and Fulbright Fellows and Nobel Laureates. Other university instructors belong to the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering and the American Association for Science Advancement.

University of Delaware promotes a caring environment that embraces environmental sustainability and diversity as vital and integral parts of everyday life. Academic programs are provided for undergraduates, graduates, professional and continuing studies for students from around the world and the entire US.

YoUDee, the Fighting Blue Hen

University of Delaware Mascot YoUDee was named after the State bird. YoUDee sports the blue and gold colors. During the Trenton Battle (American Revolutionary War), the men under the command of Captain Jonathan Caldwell brought with them blue hens to hold cockfights during their spare time.

These men fought so bravely they were compared to fighting blue hens. The fighting blues were given an award, Gold Medal for Valor, during that time. UD’s YoUDee made its debut in the Mascot Hall of Fame in 2006 during a ceremony that happened at the Philadelphia Love Park.

University Colors

Blue and yellow-gold are the university’s colors. The Delaware faculty chose gold and blue back in 1889. This choice was made in conjunction with team sports development. Gold and blue are the colors of the state.

Delaware’s state flag which was officially adopted in 1913 had a buff-colored diamond, coat of arms enveloped in a colonial blue background. According to the designers of the Delaware flag, the buff color and colonial blue symbolize the uniform of General George Washington. Gold and blue are likewise Sweden’s colors, from where the first permanent colonists of Delaware came from.

First Class University Housing

UD on-campus residences include housing for first-year students, upper division students and graduate students and their families. Where you are searching for a decorative inspiration or various accommodations, you’ll surely find it on-campus. There are various room types which can accommodate many different housing preferences.

Every fall, a room decorating contest is being held. Everyone can join and win a great prize. Furnishings and amenities such as dresser, extra long close, extra twin bed, window treatment, high speed internet, cable television and building laundry have been provided by the university for students who decide to live on-campus.

There are limited single rooms at the north and south central. These rooms are for upper-division students. Double and triple rooms are conducive for first year students who usually want to live in a traditional setup. Double rooms are located at the east campus.

UD housing is everything a student could ever dream of. The green, library, gardens, dining halls, lounges, trees, architecture and the atmosphere are simply reverberating. One will surely enjoy university life when living on-campus.

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