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The University of Illinois or U of I is a publicly-held, research-intensive learning institution. It’s a land-grant university that was founded in 1867. The campus library is the second largest system in the country, next to Harvard University.

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Chief Illiniwek

Mascot Founded1926
Mascot ColorBlue and Orange
Mascot MeaningSince he performed many of the functions of other schools' mascots, Chief Illiniwek is generally referred to as the university's mascot in media reporting and academic sources regarding the controversy.

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U of I is composed of 17 colleges which offer over 150 study programs. In addition, the school operated an extension which serves over 2.7 million registrants every year around the state. Also, the campus has 647 buildings standing on a 4,552-acre lot right in Urbana and Champaign Cities. Its yearly operating budget was over $1.7 billion in 2011.

Before 1885, this learning institution was known as Illinois Industrial University. The name was later changed to University of Illinois reflect its holistic mechanical, agricultural and liberal arts curricula. This name was used for over a hundred years.

Academic Programs

New programs were presented by the university in 2014. These programs focus on technology, engineering, big data and healthcare. The university is known for its large number of resources in engineering. Additionally, the new medicine college could now graduate physician-scientists.

Trainings under the new program will deal with the development of new medical tools and equipment. Other innovations will also be employed. Such program proposal was reviewed by the Board of Trustees and approved on March 2015. If things go on as scheduled, this new academic program will be available to students by Fall of 2017.

Chief Illiniwek, University Of Illinois Mascot

The official mascot of University of Illinois is Chief Illiniwek. It’s the symbol of the school that’s associated with its intercollegiate athletic programs. Chief Illiniwek served the university from 1926. Students portrayed the mascot dressed in Sioux regalia, representing the Illiniwek, Illinois State’s namesake.

Chief Illiniwek was seen performing during the Illinois basketball and football games. He’s also seen during women’s volleyball games. This mascot was surrounded by controversy for over 20 years. This controversy started when several American Indians and their supporters claimed that the mascot is an incorrect representation of their indigenous cultural ritual and figure.

They are of the view that Chief Illiniwk perpetuated certain stereotypes regarding American Indian people. Because of this controversy, NCAA banned U of I from hosting any post-season activity so long as the school uses the mascot. The NCAA also made Chief Illiniwek as an abusive or hostile mascot.

University Colors

White and blue are the official colors of the university. These colors properly represent the school and its image. Cheerleaders even wear their university colors during games or sporting events.

University of Illinois Housing

The university private certified housing and the residence halls are administered by the University Housing Division. Undergraduates can choose from 24 residence halls in both Champaign and Urbana. It is mandatory for incoming freshmen to live in a certified student housing. The reason behind is to help them cope with the transition. After all, this requirement stands for the first college year only.

There are those who opt to live in apartments or Greek houses right after their second year in the university. When choosing an apartment, you could refer to the Tenant Union since it offers sound advice regarding choosing apartments. This organization will also help you through the lease signing process.

All undergraduates living within the University housing system have to purchase their meal plan, even though they’re allowed to eat elsewhere. Graduate housing is offered through 2 graduate residence halls which are restricted to sophomore students or higher levels. In addition, 3 university-owned apartments are also available for these students.

Disable students have their own housing. There are special housing facilities that were designed to accommodate their needs. U of I Urbana-Champaign is popular for the first university to provide such accommodations for students with disabilities.

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