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Rutgers University is a public research university founded in 1766, and is the 8th oldest college in the nation. The university is named after Colonel Henry Rutger who saved the university from financial failure by giving a generous donation. The school currently enrolls over 48,000 students, inclusive of both undergraduates and graduates.

The university is ranked 26th among public universities in the United States. It has 175 academic departments that offer over 400 undergraduate degrees and graduate programs. It is one of the many research institutions that is part of the Association of American Universities.

Rutgers University has three campuses. The New Brunswick and Piscatway campus, The Newark campus and the Camden campus. The Newark campus has been previously rated the most diverse campus nationwide.

Below are the latest Rutgers University mascot info:

Mascot Box

Scarlet Knight

Mascot Founded1955
Mascot ColorScarlet
Mascot MeaningHe wears scarlet clothes and rides a horse.Thus in 1955 the student body decided that the Rutgers University mascot would be The Scarlet knight rather than the cowardly seeming Chanticleer, and he has attended several team games since.
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Chanticleer No More

The Rutgers University mascot is called the Scarlet knight, he wears scarlet clothes and rides a horse. Originally the mascot was named Chanticleer after a fighting rooster in the fable Reynard the Fox. However, because Chanticleer is a chicken this caused controversy. Thus in 1955 the student body decided that the Rutgers University mascot would be The Scarlet knight rather than the cowardly seeming Chanticleer, and he has attended several team games since.

The Rutgers university color is scarlet. Originally the students wanted orange as the color, to reflect the University’s Dutch heritage. However, in 1869 the Daily Targum, the student newspaper, proposed they use scarlet as it was striking and easy to find. Since then the color stuck.

Home away from Home

Freshmen have to stay in the Rutgers University dorms. Upperclassmen have the freedom to choose from on-campus options like apartments. Off-campus housing is available in the form of apartments or houses for rent.

The New Brunswick campus offers residence halls or houses. All five campuses are interconnected, making movement from the dormitories to the classes very easy. The residence halls are the Busch, College Avenue, Douglass, G. H. Cook and Livingston residence halls.

The Rutgers University dorms in the Camden campus, are composed of the Tower, the apartments and 330 Cooper Street. They offer wireless access and a variety of other amenities. Due to the proximity, classes are only a 10 minute walk away.

Rutgers-Newark has five living options. 1st year undergrads and those under the age of 21 must live in the Woodward hall. Returning undergrads and older transfer students live in the Talbott Apartments or at University Square.

The Rutgers University Life

Students in Rutgers University have the opportunity to join over 650 student organizations and clubs. Students can join the student government or even become part of the student paper, The Daily Targum. There is also an abundance of Greek organizations to those inclined to join a sorority or a fraternity.

As one of the first colleges to engage in intercollegiate sports, Rutgers has an excellent sports program. The Sacrlet Knights as the athletic teams of Rutgers University are collectively called, compete at NCAA I. they play sports such as baseball, basketball, and field hockey.

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