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The Carnegie Classification of schools belonging to higher education categorized University of Wisconsin as a VH/RU research university. University of Wisconsin is a public university which is the largest and oldest in the state.

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Bucky Badger

Mascot Founded1889
Mascot ColorWhite and Cardinal
Mascot MeaningThe badger became the university's mascot in 1889, when the school used a live badger. The state of Wisconsin named the badger its official state animal in 1957

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UW became a land-grant school in 1866. Its main campus, consisting of four national historic landmarks, is organized into 20 colleges and schools. Over 21, 727 staff and faculty manage different professional and graduate degrees.

Academic Programs

Comprehensive academic programs offered in this university include 132 undergraduate majors, 120 doctoral programs and 149 master’s degree programs. Service, teaching and research at this university is influenced by the tradition referred to as the “Wisconsin idea.” This idea was first articulated by UW Charles Van Hise in 1904.

The beneficial influence of the university should be able to reach every home in Wisconsin. This idea holds that the university’s boundaries should be that of the State’s. In addition, the research conducted in the university is applied to improve health, environment, agriculture and quality of life for all citizens.

The main objective of this university is to permeate its work and help forge a close working relationship among students, faculty, industries and the government. Aside from its undergraduate programs, UW offers graduate degrees in life sciences, agriculture, education, business, human ecology, engineering, mass communication, music, pharmacy, nursing and more. Students may also enroll in law, information studies, public health, medicine, library, veterinary medicine and public affairs.

Buckingham “Bucky” Badger Mascot

The official of the university is Buckingham “Bucky” Badger. Bucky attended all major sporting events where UW is a participant as well as many other events in the State. Bucky, University of Wisconsin mascot, made his debut in 1930 when he appeared as a human cartoon.

In 1940, Bucky was seen wearing the “W” sweater, strutting forward with a fiercer expression. This character was drawn by Art Evans, a commercial artist. Another famous Bucky portrayal was drawn by Madison artist Thomas Spiece. It featured Bucky wearing his signature sporting boxing gloves.

There were efforts to oust Bucky and replace him with a lovable cow, Henrietta Holstein. However, most people wanted Bucky and he was even inducted in the College Division Mascot Hall of Fame. Bucky joined the ranks of Michigan State University’s Sparty, Delaware’s YoUDee and Aubum’s Aubie.

University Colors

Bucky wears white and cardinal red Wisconsin sweater. White and cardinal were accepted in 1880 as the university’s official colors. According to historian Arthur Hove, the main color is cardinal. On the other hand, white is used for accent. The exact date as to when UW adopted its colors remained a mystery.

University of Wisconsin Residence Halls

When choosing a residence hall, a student may choose between Southeast or Lakeshore. Whatever you choose, you can never go wrong as both choices have the wondrous Lake Mendota or Kohl Center as a backdrop. Thousands of Badger students roamed through these 19 residence halls and they’ve totally enjoyed their university life.

UW Apartments

Starting the adventure at UW is pretty easy. University apartments are waiting for the faculty and staff, students with families and even graduate students. University Houses and Eagle Heights are nestled comfortably in an 83-acre green space, feet away from the Lake Mendota.

This university community strives to provide ample support to the students and their families through wonderful facilities and grounds as well as enriching academic programs. UW is also home to a child care and education center, Eagle’s Wing. It’s a licensed child-care service established to help the family.

Campus Dining

You’ll never run out of delicious delicacies, from Rheta’s stir fry, Juston Stix, Wisconsin waffles and more. Faculty and staff, together with their students are welcome to dine at the campus. In fact, even the public is encouraged to experience campus dining at this university.

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