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Syracuse University is a private research institution of higher learning that was founded in 1831 at Lima, New York by the Methodist Episcopal Church. This university’s roots came from the Genesee Wesleyan Seminary. SU was finally established in 1870, following years of debate as to where it should be relocated.

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Otto the Orange

Mascot Founded1995
Mascot ColorOrange
Mascot MeaningFor more than 40 years, Syracuse University students have been suiting up as official mascot Otto the Orange. Those selected for the mascot team have the honor of spreading spirit and joy throughout the community—from “airplaning” in the stadium, to delighting local schoolchildren, to scootering across campus

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Since 1920, Syracuse University has been identified as non-sectarian even though it still maintained connections with the Methodist Church. Its large campus features a reverberating mix of buildings, such as contemporary structures and the nineteenth-century Romanesque Revival.

SU has 13 schools and colleges, all of which follow a nationally recognized academic program in the following areas: library science, information studies, arts and sciences, engineering, public administration, sport management, business administration, communications and architecture.

Graduate School Programs

Aside from the certificate and degree programs offered by Syracuse University, graduate studies likewise provide the right services to help the students thrive as well as prepare for their professional careers after graduation. SU’s graduate school programs include TA, English Proficiency Services, Future Professoriate Program and Certificate in University Teaching.

SU’s academic programs aim to enhance the quality of instruction in the university, recognize excellent students and introduce them to various resources that the university and the local community can provide. The school understands that there is a need to cultivate a rich and interdisciplinary forum that is geared toward discussions of career development, pedagogy and issues connected to higher education.

Otto the Orange Mascot

Syracuse University Mascot, Otto is an anthropomorphic orange, wearing blue pants and a large blue hat. This mascot appeared during sporting events held at the Carrier Dome as well as other university sporting events. Otto the Orange became an official mascot for SU in 1990.

The mascots and cheerleaders who joined the Tennessee UCA Cheerleading Camp chose to suit up in costumes. After the content, two mascots were left, Otto and Opie. Since Opie rhymed with the word “dopey,” the group agreed that Otto is the best choice.

The cheerleaders started calling their mascot Otto. The name stuck to this time. SU administration considered a new lion or wolf mascot as replacement for Otto but the students supported their old Orange mascot.

Orange, Syracuse University Color

In 1872, SU used pink and pea green. One year later, it was changed to azure blue and rose pink. But in 1890, motion picture pioneer Frank Marion and other senior students made a move to change the university color to orange.

Syracuse University and Hamilton College students engaged in a track and field contest. A number of SU students went along to boost their team’s spirit. These students wore high collars, baggy trousers, cutaway coats and derby hats. Their canes had pink and blue ribbons.

The SU team won. On the train back home, the students tried to mix the colors but they didn’t like the result after blending pink and blue. Frank Marion and company asked Chancellor Sims to change the university colors since they were not suitable.

Orange and blue were very popular colors at that time, but it was orange alone which wasn’t claimed by any other school. The university committee, faculty, Alumni association and trustees unanimously adopted orange as the new university color.

Housing for Students

Syracuse South Campus is home to more than 2,400 students who are living in apartments. There are 6 unique neighborhoods to choose from and they’re split into 2 groups, depending on the location and layout. The skytop Winding Ridge Road apartment which consists of 2 and 3 bedroom layouts are waiting for freshmen.

Meal plans and ID card services are also provided by the university to ensure the convenience, health and safety of the students.

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