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Columbia University is located in Upper Manhattan, New York City. A member of the Ivy League, it is the oldest higher education learning center in New York, having been founded in 1754. Today the University has more than 29,000 students with an endowment of more than $9 billion.

Below are the latest Columbia University mascot info:

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Mascot Founded1910
Mascot ColorColumbia Blue & White
Mascot MeaningKing George II was a member of the House of Hanover, whose crest features prominent lions. The lion remained part of Columbia’s identity because of this royal connection to it.

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The Columbia University Programs

The university has 20 schools and is associated with several institutions including the Union Theological Seminary, Barnard College, and Teachers’ College. There are four major program types: M.A., PhD, non-degree and dual degree, and these provide a wide range of options for the student.

The M.A. programs for instance, include Climate and Society, Economics, Journalism and Sociology, while their PhD program includes Business, Cellular Physiology and Biophysics, Chemical Physics, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering among others.

Non-degree programs are just as varied and include Operations Research, Chemical Biology Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry and Atmospheric Science among others. The Dual Degree program on the other hand, encompasses M.D./Ph.D., Religion-Journalism Dual M.A./M.S. Program and J.D./Ph.D.

Columbia’s Official Colors and Mascot

Columbia blue and white are the official colors, with the white taken from the Peithologian Society and the blue from the Philolexian Society in the 19th century. While there have been some variations in the design and symbol, the colors have remained the same.

The Columbia University mascot is the Columbia Lion, a symbol that was recommended by George Compton back in 1909. While the lion did not become the official Columbia University mascot until the recommendation, the animal had already served as a motif in the campus since 1895, in particular the libraries. However, formal presentation of the mascot / symbol didn’t take place until April 5, 1910, where the lion symbol was embellished with the white and blue colors.

Columbia University Student Way of Life

Columbia University dorms provide guaranteed housing for four years in accordance with the student’s housing status. There are several housing options available ranging from brownstones to halls to suites to singles, with the availability depending on the class year. The term incoming student applies to a first time participant in the Columbia community and includes visiting students, exchange students, transfer students and first year students.

Residence in Columbia University dorms commence on early September or late August and runs until the middle of May. Students may also stay for the rest of the year by registering. All first year students have housing in the South Lawn, and its proximity to Columbia Health John Jay Dining Hall, the Alfred Lerner Hall and the Butler Library make it a convenient place to stay in.

First year students have four different housing options: John Jay, Furnald, Carman and the Living Learning Center in Hartley and Wallach. All halls have distinct benefits and accommodations, including corridor style residences and singles. Prior to registering, students have the opportunity to review and learn about each dorm so they can make the appropriate choice.

Once a student has decided where to stay, the Columbia First Year Application Form has to be completed where their preference will be indicated. Email is used to send housing assignments.

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