Top Five Part-Time Jobs for College Students

Aside from passing their subjects, one of the toughest challenges that college students face is money, or lack of it. More often than not, a typical college student is strapped for cash.

Even if you are lucky enough to have parents or guardians who can support your education, you’d at least like to have more money, don’t you?

The good news is that you don’t need to wait until your graduation day comes to earn some cash. Here are some ways to earn a few dollars without affecting your time for homework:


Is there any class that you excel in? Do you think you can teach other students in calculus or algebra? Or perhaps you can impart some knowledge in chemistry or Arabic? If so, you can leverage your smarts by tutoring students who struggle with the subject that you are very good at.

In case you are not comfortable tutoring people who are your own age, you can tutor high school students instead.


You can be your school’s mascot by representing your university in character costume at various activities like sports events. For example, you can be the North Carolina State University mascot.

But you should exhibit certain qualities if you want to take up this gig. One, you should be naturally creative as you will be interacting with the crowd only through gestures. Second, you should be active as well as you will be jumping, running and moving for hours. If you’re the shy type of person, being a mascot can be your way to let out your inner fun.

Office Assistant

Pretty much all departments in your university will have the need for a student assistant. The responsibilities aren’t that complex, like answering phones and maintaining files. You may be also asked to do basic computer tasks.

While this is not the most glamorous job out there, you’ll learn a lot from this gig. Aside from the extra dough you will earn, you could develop organizational skills which may serve you well in college and in your career in the future.

Freelance Writer

Do you know how to write? If so, then you can be a freelance writer. You don’t really need to be a journalism student in order to get into this gig. As long as you have the knack for writing, then you can earn a few dollars writing articles for various clients while still having time to work on your assignments.

You can go to websites like or to find writing opportunities. Just make sure that you will be professional enough to beat deadlines if you want to have a sustainable source of additional income.

Campus Tour Guide

If you are a friendly person who knows your campus by heart, then you can make a good campus tour guide. You can show potential students and their kin how great it is to study at the school you are enrolled. This part-time job should also benefit you, as you will be able to improve on your communication and presentation skills. But you must also be mature and of good reputation so that your school will pick you as a tour guide.

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