Things You Didn’t Know About Penn State Nittany Lions

Most students think that they go to one of the best schools, but Penn State’s Nittany Lions know they do. Graduates from this university are proud to look back on their educational journey and reflect on the events that made their stay a fruitful one.

Here are some interesting facts you didn’t know about Penn State Nittany Lions:

  1. Penn State students love to visit the Berkey Creamery. It’s the largest university creamery with over 4.5 million pounds of fresh milk that is being processed on a yearly basis. The milk came from 225 cows housed at the Penn State dairy production research center.

The Nittany Lions love the creamery ice cream because it’s so fresh, served within 4 days after the cow produced the milk.

  1. Penn State is a football-loving university and along with it comes the excitement of getting thrown in the air during a game. The fans love to do this every time the Nittany Lions score a touchdown. This act is pretty exciting, unless you’ll get thrown in mid-air each time the team scores.

The truth is getting thrown up by the crowd is an exhilarating experience and not everybody can get the chance to take part in. This act is surely missed by over 560,658 Penn State graduates.

  1. Blue and white are the colors that are being used by the Nittany Lions. However, it’s not Penn State University’s original colors, it’s pink and black. Several years back during the football homecoming, the fans paid homage to PSU’s school roots. This was done by having all the students seated at the S-Zone to wear pink and black shirts.
  2. It was in 1906 when the student body selected the Nittany Lion as Penn State’s athletic symbol. Records also show that this university was the first to use the lion as the Penn State mascot.

However, the lion wasn’t the original university mascot. Back in 1863, Old Coaly, a mule that was used in constructing the Old Main and was purchased for $190 became famous among the student population. Old Coaly served as PSU’s informal mascot until he died in 1893.

  1. The Cata Bus System served as Penn State students’ transportation within the campus. It’s a reliable transport especially during university games where most students want to go to the field to support their team.
  2. Try yelling “We Are” during a tour of Penn State and you’ll surely hear the words “Penn State” yelled back at you. Even though you don’t know anybody, this tradition is encouraged for every campus attendee. It would also show prospective students that the student body at Penn State is unified.
  3. The Thon is certainly one of the best and most life changing experiences every Penn State student will ever have during their college career. Thon is a dance marathon and considered as the largest philanthropy event that is managed by students. The dance aims to raise some cash for pediatric cancer patients.

Even if you’re not included in a group or organization that’s directly donating money for this cause, you’ll need to stop at the Bryce Jordan Center during the Thon weekend. It will surely be one of the best and most memorable things to do while at PSU.

  1. Visit the Lion Shrine and take a picture of the university’s symbol. During a homecoming, the Lion Ambassadors will be hosting an event around this shrine and such will be filled with activities, food and music.
  2. Attend the daylong. It’s actually day drinking for everyone at Penn State. It’s open to anyone. However, it’s hosted on a vast lawn. The students engage in this activity while enjoying the sunshine.
  3. Celebrate the State Patty’s Day, a student-led holiday with one goal to black out after drinking.

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