Making and Keeping Friends in College

Going to college would mean having to leave your family and old friends behind. While this may be a sad and scary thought, there are ways to make university life better. It is recommended that you make room for new friends who will also be your family for the next few years.

Out of the thousands of students you meet in college, how do you make friends and keep them? Here are some of the things you can do to make a brand new start:

  1. Take the situation as a challenge. Although it may not be easy, look at it as a chance to make a fresh start. There is a big chance that only a few, or maybe none, from high school will be with you at all times so you can reinvent yourself into Start at your dorm - MascotPassionsomeone whom you would like to be and nobody will judge you for changing into a better person.
  2. Start at your dorm. If you are going to live with a roomie, make it a point to win her over for friendship. It will be much healthy for you to have an amicable living quarters and an instant best friend whenever you get home from your classes. Remember, your roomie is the only semi- permanent person in your life now so do your best in wowing her.
  3. Be familiar with your classmates. It will be much easier to approach anyone if you are a hundred percent sure that you go to the same class together. Reduce awkward glances by going straight to them and asking them about how the class went. This will also give you a vote of confidence and that will make you likeable to most people.
  4. Be where potential friends are. Unlike in high school, college gives you a wider space to interact with people. It is not confined to the cafeteria or the grounds, you can choose to be in clubs, attend social gatherings, different sets of classmates, find a part- time job, the possibilities are endless.
  5. Don’t judge people. If you get to meet weird people along the way, or those that do not click with you instantly, give chance. Who knows, the one inside the University of Texas mascot may turn up to be the wackiest friend you’ll ever have and the riots you could do together will be a blast.
  6. Avoid holing up to your dorm room. Yes it is your comfort zone but being in it all the time will make you miss the fun in being with your new-found friends. Go out, have fun, and create memories with your new circle.

If you think about it, making friends in high school is much harder because there are higher chances of stereotyping. It is typical to feel anxious about finding friends in college but consider it as a great way to develop a completely new you who is very much ready to create a fresh social circle.

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