Importance of Official Logo, Color, and Mascot in University Branding

Schools do their best to create their own branding to serve different purposes. In fact, these elements (logos, colors, and mascots) pass through a rigorous selection process before they became official. There are a lot of study and consultation being done before they become affiliated with the school. One example of a school with a known official color and mascot is the University of Florida. Their logos and the official colors are very specific – orange (PMS 172) and blue (PMS 287). The University of Florida mascot was also carefully chosen. In fact, they have two mascots: Albert E. Gator and Alberta Gator. It is also important to note that these are registered trademarks and no one is allowed to alter or change it in anyway and you have to contact the school if you have questions about it.

It conveys pride

It conveys pride - MascotPassionIt distinguishes the university from other schools. The mere entrance of the mascot in any event, especially some sporting events like football, you will become a fan, and instantly, you start roaring with your cheer. It brings out the spirit and pride for the school. When you see your school logo anywhere, you suddenly remember your Alma mater because there is an emotional connection even after you have graduated. It seems that the responsibility of continuing its legacy and pride. Furthermore, it solidifies your loyalty to the school because you can relate to it and you know how important it is to you as a student.

It contributes to school brand promotion

If the school’s logo, color, and mascots are official, it helps promote the school and its quality education. It does not have to show the name because it can visually distinguish the school from the others. In sports, the school mascot should be distinct and should really be a good representative of the school because it creates a name for the University. It carries with it the name of the school and everything that it does reflect the culture and tradition of the school. This is the reason why there is a need for a meticulous search for the official trademarks of the school. They are the official symbolism of the school.

It communicates

It creates appeal to the crowd and value to the whole university. It actually makes the whole school united especially in sporting events. When you see the flag, the logo, especially the mascot of your school, there is no way that you will not cheer your hearts out. It influences the crowd to be more participative. It actually boosts your morale to see the mascot doing some athletic actions on the field. When you see it swaying your school flag, you want to cheer even more. It establishes an instant connection between the people – students, graduates, teachers and school officials – and the logos. Just a simple glimpse of it makes a sudden burn in the heart that wants to show everybody that you are proud to be in that institution.

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