Freshman’s Guide to Coping with College Life

Attending university is one of, if not the biggest, changes in the life of a teenager. Many are excited about going away for college but there are also plenty of those who can’t help but admit their fear of being in a new campus hundreds of miles away from you. Regardless of how you see it, there is really a need to prepare for this transition.

Here are some ways to make the transition to college life bearable:

  1. Keep a healthy mind and body - MascotPassionKeep a healthy mind and body. Being psychologically and physically ready for college is a great way to condition your self of the challenges that lies ahead. Eat nutritious foods, have a regular exercise, and breathe in fresh air to keep the stress away.
  2. Be early in your campus or check in to your dorm early. This will give you time to become familiar with the new surroundings. Walk around campus, check out the facilities, learn about the Rutgers mascot, know about simple things about the new school so you get comfortable being in it.
  3. Ease into the social circle by making new friends. It will be much easier to do things when you are with friends. Just like in high school, your circle could help you out with projects and be with you both on your ups and downs. Find new friends that will give you a family atmosphere so you will not miss home too much.
  4. Make it your priority to do well with your academics. Know your advisor and ask for tips on how to make good academically.
  5. Look for your own personal haven on campus or around town. It could be your study spot or simply a place where you can compose your thoughts without anyone barging in to distract you.
  6. Join a club. An organization will allow you to fill in your extra time with worthwhile activities. Volunteer to a good cause but make sure not to over- commit yourself that your academics get affected.
  7. Learn about university resources that you can actually use. Check for a health center, counseling center, Office of Religious life, etc. They can be handy if you are going through something on campus.
  8. Party out but do so with caution. Always stick to your values and do not be influenced by other students who excessively have fun to the point of destroying their chance of having a future. Remember, a good, clean fun can never be bad for you.
  9. Have realistic expectations. Think of it as a mature version of high school where you get to be responsible for all of your actions instead of just being reprimanded by the principal. Don’t expect to have the best time of your life in college without working hard to make it.
  10. Lastly, don’t lose your contact at home. Keeping in touch with your family is a great relief when you get into the big school. It will give you a sense of comfort that no matter what happens in the university, you always have a family to come home to at the end of the day.

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