Compelling Reasons to Enroll at the University of Delaware

Why should you pursue an elementary, middle school or special education degree at the University of Delaware? Here are some compelling reasons to consider this learning institution as your second home for the next 4 years:

1. UD graduates are marketable and they possess a dual certification

Graduates of Elementary Teacher Education are not only eligible for certification in elementary education, but also in their area of concentration. They can select a concentration in any of the following fields: special education, middle school social studies, middle school science, middle school English, middle school math and English as second language.

Possessing another teaching certificate makes a UD graduate very marketable. Likewise, it provides them with an additional expertise for elementary teaching. UD graduates can also earn their teacher certification from other states by means of interstate reciprocity agreements.

2. UD offers a high-quality coursework coming from a nationally-recognized faculty

The ETE (Elementary Teacher Education) program offered by UD is nationally accredited by both Association for Childhood Education and the National Council for Teacher Accreditation. UD ensured that its students would learn the pedagogy and content required to successfully enhance student learning.

Graduate programs for the School of Education garnered the 30th rank in the entire country. The faculty and staff value close connections with all undergraduate students. They even work with their students on various research projects so as to help in their professional development.

UD offers study abroad programs on a yearly basis. In addition, senior faculty members who are also referred to as national experts would regularly conduct classes in the undergraduate level. The instructors model, develop and teach best practices with the aim of inculcating the right method of teaching in the minds of their future teachers.

3. Field experiences are gained starting from the freshman year

UD students are actively participating in different field experiences from the time they enter their freshman year. Every learner works in a diverse environment with different people so as to become one with the school community. This is equally important in improving the student’s teaching experience for the first 2 semesters.

4. Numerous activities and organizations on campus

The total number of registered student organizations at UD is over 400. These groups encourage diversity and connecting with other people who have similar interests in life. The APPLE organization for Elementary Teacher Education is one of the top choices for students who seek to promote social networking events, outreach and professional development.

5. Study abroad

Education students can learn from various trips abroad since they can attend different lectures. These study abroad trips are led by the education department and other groups across campus. It’s usually had during the five-week winter session during the month of January.

Students in Elementary Teacher Education travel to Budapest, Vienna and Hungary. They even previously travelled to Madrid, Spain.

6. Academic opportunities geared towards preparing for classroom and graduate school

UD students can enjoy different experienced with the aim of enriching their undergraduate program. Some of these activities include pursuing an Honors degree and working with faculty members and staff. These experiences encourage the students to explore different ideas that they’re passionate about.

Sports activities are also abundant in UD. If you’re not into football and other high-gear sports, you might as well support the team during different competitions. Even the Blue Hen, University of Delaware mascot is there to give the team a boost of confidence.

7. Ample resources for success

UD faculty and staff have one wish for their students: for them to achieve greater success in the major that they’ve chosen. This is the ultimate reason why many resources as offered to support the students.

Education students are assigned to advisors that can help them in selecting a course as well as in identifying different opportunities to grow professionally and personally. UD has a Career Services Center that is helping students in writing resumes, improving their interviewing skills and finally, finding a suitable job.

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