Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Real Animal Mascots in Sporting Events

They say that it is easier to maintain a non-living school mascot than maintaining a live animal, but others say otherwise. Sports events are very exciting to watch and mascots add to this excitement and fun. More and more universities and colleges are now giving attention to their mascot selection and since most of them want to be popular right away, many opt to use animals that perfectly depict their purpose and goals. Some say this is fun and others say it’s cruel. But it really depends on your point of view. It’s already widely accepted in sports because live animal mascots add to the entertainment and attraction of the events. Would you rather choose a live animal like Jack the Bulldog of Georgetown University Hoyas or a real person wearing a costume like Brown university mascot, Bruno the Bear?


  1. Brown university mascot - MascotPassionThey are cute and easy to remember. Fans who love animals can easily be attracted to these animals, even if they are not rooting for the school they represent. This is what the institution wants. They want a picture of them and some even follow them on social media. Sometimes, they are even more popular and being followed than any other personalities on television.
  2. They are easily trained. People as mascots are also good, but the training needs to be rigorous because they need to achieve the energy and humor that will easily attract the crowd. Unlike these animals, all they need is to be trained during the parade and they are good to go. They just needed to be well maintained because fans are expected them to be well groomed whenever they see them.
  3. They are realistic. Tom III the Tiger of the University of Memphis is a good example of being a good live mascot. He is a real tiger and the school chooses him because he clearly shows what the school wants to symbolize – courage.


  1. Live Animals are high-maintenance, especially those whose breed are not ordinary. You will have to think about its food, its training, its home, and its handler. Animals can easily get an emotional attachment to people that is why the school should do its best to take care of their mascot the best way it can and to make sure that it is not abused.
  2. The school will always be criticized with animal cruelty. Even if they were taking very good care of their mascot, some animal lovers would not take it positively as they think that these animals should be living in their natural habitat and not living as a real mascot for some university.
  3. There is always a danger in bringing an animal to a crowded place. Even if it is said to be totally domesticated and follows every direction of its handler, there is always a risk, especially when fans started to cuddle them without care. It does not mean that they are not safe around people, but some do not know how to behave themselves around animals.

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