7 Reasons Why Everyone Loves George Washington University

George Washington University was included in the list of the most expensive schools to attend in the entire county. For any high school graduate, enrolling at GWU would be a really betchy choice.

GWU is a top alma mater for Alec Baldwin, Rachel Zoe and Jackie Kennedy. It’s home to thousands of skinny-jeaned gay BFFs and betches.

The following are some of the reasons why people love to enroll at GWU:

1. Enjoyable Greek life

Although it isn’t completely necessary to live a Greek life, it might be just the thing to consider if you are from the Northeast. You’d also want to join in the constant Jewish geography rounds.

2. Sororities

KKG or Kappa Kappa Gram-a is a popular sorority house at GWU. This place used to be packed with the classiest party girls from Los Angeles who’re likely to capture everyone’s attention. KKG membership is currently on the decline due to a two-year eviction from the house.

3. Fraternities

AEPi members came from Manhattan and its surrounding areas. These guys are certainly bar-out better compared to the current Lindsay Lohan circa. Members shell out some of their bi-weekly tables at various lame DC clubs.

Before, they used to hold parties in one of their two houses. AEPi members can be seen around GWU looking fratty in their Gucci and Monclers loafers.

Pike frat members believe they’re more of the athletic type. However, they do not actually win during the intramurals. One more thing, you should be flexible when entering the campus. Don’t miss out on all the sports games. Support the GWU team and chant along with the George Washington University mascot.

4. Nightlife

At GWU, there are only two options when it comes to nightlife – either the Opera or a Shadow Room. During Thursday nights, girls usually stuff their Camel Blues packs and Xaney bars into their Chanel wallets. Omar greets them at the door so as to avoid the long line.

Be extra careful on your way down. You might trip down the stairs. The DJs at the bar are the Epoch guys so this means you’ll be listening to the same old soundtrack every Thursdays.

The Opera is known to be a notorious blackhole so it’s best to keep your iPhone close. You might not know when it would be lost.

5. Fun Saturday

Saturday nights mean lots of fun and mainly consist of walking right into the square box or the Shadow Room. Similar to Thursdays, Omar would again greet the prettiest girls at the door. However, inside you’d have to push your way through to claim a spot right next to the tables occupied by the AEPi guys.

6. The McFaddens

It’s only at GWU where going to a sports club would be considered betchy and trendy although you have the word “fat” as a title. A GWU betch would certainly be looking forward to her 21st birthday in order to spend thirty minutes playing beer pong in a saloon.

Due to the fact that it’s quite difficult to get into the McFads even if you use a fake ID, it’s instantly considered as a hotspot. It’s best to leave your loubs right at home. Simply you’re your Baker or Fiorentini boots. Nothing’s sadder compared to spilling a $2 beer on those red soles.

7. Day trip to Georgetown

The true betch would know that there are only two cures for a hangover – manicure/pedicure and a day of shopping. After one hour of sesh to pick a perfect OPI shade at Annie’s or Jessica’s, a betchy would be heading across the street to DC and attempt at a Scoop.

In case you’re not feeling too fat, take a quick brunch at the Peacock Café. The food is totally nice.

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