10 Reasons to Choose University of Arizona

1. Engaging Campus

This beautiful UA campus is considered home to more than 500 organizations and clubs. All these groups have one thing in common – they aim to build individuals that can help the community in the future.

UA hosts the Tucson Book Festival plus other community-wide events for its students and other people to mingle and interact. Different helpful services also abound such as the International Students Services and Think Tank.

2. City of Tucson

One of the reasons students flock to this university is Tucson City, considered one of the country’s most innovative cities with lots of bustling. With UA at its center, the City of Tucson as well as the entire community embraced the students by engaging the services of graduates, offering friendly smiles and cheering for their sports teams.

3. Excellent weather condition

Nobody would dare say it’s boring to stay in this university. With 350 days of sunshine on yearly basis, people have lots of activities to look forward to. In fact, even the few days of winter have average high temperatures that were pegged at 64-75° F/18-24° C.

4. Diversity in school major and study programs

University of Arizona is offering more than 100 undergraduate majors, giving every student the ability to effectively explore all their interests and even triple or double their major.

5. Prestigious faculty

The students have access to UA’s exceptional faculty that includes winners of the Nobel and Pulitzer prizes. UA hired world-class experts and quality support staff that genuinely care about each student’s experiences. These professors are very approachable and willing to teach their students everything they know.

The current faculty to student ratio is 22:1 and the students will surely be interacting face-to-face with world-class professors.

6. Successful alumni

UA was recently ranked as an Employable University by Global Employability Survey. Some of UA’s most successful alumni included astronaut Don Pettit, Physics Nobel Prize winner Brian Schmidt and Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

7. Scholarships

At UA, you won’t only be admitted to a top university, you can also be given a scholarship. Over $1 million in international aid that is also merit-based is awarded to deserving students. Merit-based scholarships are renewed for two to four years.

Scholarships certainly go a long way especially for those who are supporting themselves through college. As long as you have all the qualifications, you may submit an application for scholarship at the UA office. Also, there are various financial aids that are being extended to students. You just have to contact the UA Head of Admissions.

8. Commitment to provide first class education and sports facilities

University of Arizona is committed to providing top class education for its students, and this commitment even extends beyond the boundaries of its classroom. All the students have the chance to obtain a hands-on experience in different fields by means of internships, research and campus jobs.

Aside from classroom lectures, students can also enjoy and learn from various sports activities in this university. You could watch the Wildcats and support the University of Arizona mascot in cheering for the team.

9. Institution of higher education with top research facilities

UA is a tier 1 research facility, receiving more or less $650 million in research funds on a yearly basis. Undergraduate students enjoy the chance to drive lots of innovative projects together with agencies like the American Cancer Society, Biosphere 2 and NASA.

10. High ranking University

UA is a world-class institution that offers top programs for its students. This school ranked #86 among all global universities in the world. UA got the #1 rank among public universities with the best management information system programs. In terms of funding for Physical Sciences, UA was ranked #3 in the list of the National Science Foundation.

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