What is the Most Popular Mascot Costume?

There are many great mascot costumes out there but the world’s most popular mascot is none other than the bulldog. You will find the bulldog mascot in a lot of universities, sports teams, and organizations and it has long been used to represent several things, military branches to colleges, brands, and even entire cities.

Back in 1890, Yale University decided that having a bulldog mascot was the best representation of the beliefs and core values of their school, and more than a century later, ‘Handsome Dan’ is still wearing Yale’s colors.

Although the term “bulldog” can strike fear to the opposing team, this dog breed is the second most for a reason, and not because they’re intimidating. Bulldogs are known for being calm, loyal, friendly, and are also wonderful with kids.

In 2014, USA TODAY conducted a poll to determine the most popular college football mascot and determined that English Bulldog UGA (University of Georgia’s mascot) was the best.

So why is it a popular mascot costume? Well, for one, they have all the makings of being a loyal and trusty companion. They are friendly and welcoming, while at the same time they are stoic, and are calm even in tough situations.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they are also very cute.

So it really doesn’t come as a surprise that there are over 40 universities who have bulldog mascots.

Bulldogs are tough but also very friendly. Keep in mind your intended use for your mascot. For example, you can make a mascot that looks fierce on the field, or you can make it an adorable one designed to be a kid’s best friend.  Also take into consideration how active you want your mascot to be. Will they be running on the field, or will they only be cheering from the sidelines?  Your bulldog mascot can wear pretty much anything – a spiked collar or your team jersey.

If you’re still unconvinced, here are other reasons why bulldogs make the best mascot:

1. They exemplify rugged pawesomeness. You can’t deny this.

2. They may look rough on the outside, but they are extremely loyal.

3. Bulldogs have quiet personality and a calm demeanor.

4. When it comes to protecting the ones they love, they show true and unrelenting courage.

5. They are great in many aspects of sports, whether it’s someone in the middle of the action or one who is cheering on the sidelines!

6. Bulldogs are the #1 choice for pup parents in Los Angeles and New York.

7. They are popular as university mascots.

8. The first U.S. university mascot (Yale University) was an English Bulldog.

9. They’re very cuddly.

10. They’ll win at staring contests.

11. Bulldogs LOVE people.

12. Adversity doesn’t hold bulldogs back.

13.  They excel at tackling things, be it treats, toys or balls.

14. Their school spirit fashion is second to none. Have you seen a bulldog wearing a school jersey? Cuteness overload!

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