Does You School Need a Custom Mascot?

Mascots have long been used to represent sports teams, schools, businesses, NGOs, and other institutions. School mascots are very popular, particularly among colleges and universities. But what you probably want to know is whether or not a high school should have a mascot. Having a custom mascot may seem like a sizeable investment but here are the main reasons why it’s worth every penny:

1. It Gives Your School Identity

Having a school mascot is necessary when creating an identity as this allows students and faculty to identify themselves as the “___ (name of the team)”. When other people see your mascot, they should be able to easily associate it with your school. In the age of the Internet, a digital mascot may still not be enough – you need a physical mascot that can bring to life your school’s identity.

2. It’s a Source of Entertainment

Mascot characters can entertain audiences of all sizes and ages. Your school mascot can easily draw attention and would bring your school sports games and rallies to the next level. Whether the mascot would run through the crowd, dance or hand out promotional items or even interact with the mascot from the opposing team, it will definitely be one of the highlights for your students and community on any event.

Keep in mind that engaging and entertaining students, faculty, fans and the whole community is vital in creating a fun and inviting atmosphere at your school. Your high school mascot can boost engagement every time you bring it to public events in the community.

3. It Helps You Connect with the Students

Sure mascots play a crucial role in your school’s sports department, but that’s not all they do. Having a mascot allows you to have a common label for the students and faculty―creating a sense of belonging. What it does is unites everyone under one name, and this connects students to each other and to the institution. Teachers come and go, and so do students but your mascot will remain constant and will always be remembered.

4. It Makes You Stand Out

Having a high school mascot costume won’t make your sports team or the school itself better but what it does is make you unique. And this is what will help make you stand out from other schools.

Choosing Your High School Mascot

Mascots are able to generate fun and excitement. They inspire loyalty from the athletes, students, parents, faculty and alumni. Mascots have this wonderful way to uniting groups of people fighting for the same purpose.

When choosing a mascot, make sure to choose wisely.  The process of choosing can be tough and we encourage brainstorming and writing down everything that comes to mind before making a decision.

1. Historical Events, People and Landmarks

Does your city or local area have historical events that should be taken into consideration? How was it founded? Which historical people could be factored in? Is there a monument or historical bridge close by?

2. Animals and Weather

Do you have animals that are native to this region? Is your area known for weather like hurricanes or tornadoes?

3. Community Leaders

Who founded the school? Or who donated money to help it grow?

4. Principles and Ideas

Is the school private or Christian? Is it known for its athletics or academics? Would the community be interested in a “fighting” mascot?

Once you have listed down some important consideration you can then narrow down your choices, brainstorm ideas and make a vote. Include faculty, parents, students and alumni in the voting poll if possible.

Finally, hire a professional graphic artist to develop the design, and a costume designer to bring to life your mascot.

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